Four Bomb Mr. Cranky Movie Reviews

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Given how utterly, hopelessly boring "Jerusalem" is, (Director Bille) August might have done better dropping a camera in a fjord somewhere and letting 166 minutes wind off.

03/07/1997 - 16:47
Jingle All the Way0

A great many scenes in "Jingle All the Way" look like they were culled directly from an infomercial.

11/22/1996 - 19:21
Joe's Apartment 0

The fact that the filmmakers got some imbecile at MTV to toss out a few million dollars to finance this particular brainstorm stands as the film's sole achievement.

07/26/1996 - 19:24
John Tucker Must Die1

I found this film repulsive and if I was Betty Thomas I'd visit the nearest plastic surgeon and have my vagina replaced with a penis...

07/28/2006 - 19:34
Josie and the Pussycats 0

What "Josie and the Pussycats" tries to do is the worst kind of hypocrisy.

04/11/2001 - 19:45

One way you know that a movie sucks is when it requires you to go read a history book in order to understand it.

04/13/2000 - 19:50
Judy Berlin0

Everything this film had to say was said in the first minute. After that, it was torture.

10/06/1999 - 19:54
Just Visiting0

The editing was abysmal. I felt like I was watching a television show that was being interrupted by power outages.

04/06/2001 - 20:12

What's really revolting about "Kazaam" is that the film soon degenerates into a shameless Shaq marketing scheme.

07/17/1996 - 20:30
Kill Bill -- Vol. 2 0

Given Tarantino's worship of Uma Thurman, the entire foray may be the most overblown attempt to get into a woman's pants since the invasion of Troy.

04/16/2004 - 21:34
Killing Me Softly 0

Director Kaige Chen has this thing looking like something straight out of a Harlequin romance.

05/10/2002 - 21:43
Kingdom Come2

The idea for this movie is this: Put six or eight ridiculously stereotypical characters -- or shall I say caricatures -- in the same space and let them scream at each other for two hours.

04/11/2001 - 21:52
Knockaround Guys 0

This film is the first clear-cut case of somebody watching way too many episodes of "The Sopranos" and concluding that what the world needs is more Italian stereotyping.

10/11/2002 - 22:19

I'm sure there will be people who discuss this movie on internet forums and try to debate what the real meaning is. These people are idiots.

04/15/2009 - 13:20
Lapsed Dance 0

Welcome to "Golden Girls" meets "Showgirls."

09/02/2001 - 01:59
Larger than Life0

If you pair a comic actor with an animal, your movie will make a lot of money. What exactly is the evidence for this theory? "K9"? "Turner and Hooch"? "Ed"?

11/01/1996 - 02:04
Last Summer in the Hamptons 0

Like many films before it, this one is based on the faulty premise that theater people resemble actual human beings.

09/15/1996 - 14:29
Laws of Attraction0

Just how many "man and woman who hate each other initially but have experiences together that lead them to see the light in 120 minutes or less" movies do we need in this world?

04/30/2004 - 14:41
Leave It to Beaver 0

How can it not dawn on you during the filming of a "Leave it to Beaver" movie that your commercial Hollywood existence has rotted your soul and left you a hollow puppet of the drooling masses?

08/22/1997 - 14:42
Leaving Las Vegas0

"Hey, I'm a complete loser, alcoholic slob, but there's this gorgeous woman who wants to sleep with me."

10/27/1995 - 14:43