Four Bomb Mr. Cranky Movie Reviews

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Wolf Creek0

Writer/director Greg McLean elects to rub the audience's face in some appallingly brutal violence, as though punishing them for being dumb enough to buy a ticket in the first place.

12/25/2005 - 23:07
Woman on Top0

There's something seriously wrong in Brazil if this film and "Bossa Nova" are any indication.

09/22/2000 - 23:06
X-Men: The Last Stand0

If you want to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Hollywood is a cesspool of whoredom and back-door deal-making, just look at the credits of the writers responsible for this monstrous piece of crap.

05/26/2006 - 22:48
XXX: State of the Union0

Director Lee Tamahori is that jackass who pissed all over the James Bond series with the atrocious and laughable "Die Another Day," so it wasn't like I expected anything from his follow-up to a movie that wasn't worthy of a sequel in the first place.

04/29/2005 - 22:44
Zeus and Roxanne0

Steve Guttenberg and a friendship between a dog and a dolphin -- in what fiery pit of hell was this heartwarming plot conjured?

01/24/1997 - 02:07

It's as if Ben Stiller consciously sat down and tried to figure out how little work he could do and still get a film produced.

09/28/2001 - 02:02