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I don't know what alien crap smells like but there must be an awful lot of it lying around this particular household.

08/23/1998 - 01:59
Eve's Bayou0

Growing up, as we all know,involves a maturation process where we all discover that dad is, metaphorically or not, screwing some neighbor-lady.

11/07/1997 - 19:38

A movie about stupid Minnesotans is basically redundant.

03/08/1996 - 13:45
Fast Five1

Bald and buff fantasists couldn't ask for more from this collection of explosions, motorized mayhem and sweaty, sweaty men staring each other down with barely disguised passion in their eyes. 

05/14/2011 - 17:30
Fight Club1

Now, before anybody gets huffy about how this movie has nothing to do with sleeping with one's mother inside one's own anus, they should know that there's more to Freud than sex talk.

10/15/1999 - 14:19
Finding Nemo0

You have to love a film that packs a theater full of two-year-olds and then delivers the following message: "Your mother could die at any moment."

05/30/2003 - 14:38
Flirting With Disaster0

That's not comedy -- that's horror!

03/27/1996 - 15:55
Fright Night0

Yes, the powers that be are now scraping the bottom of the remake barrel, casting their net as wide as possible to snag titles that people vaguely remember from their childhoods in order to lure them into theatres

09/21/2011 - 01:41
From Hell3

"From Hell" is based on a graphic novel, illustrating the depths to which Hollywood has sunk to scrape for its ideas.

10/19/2001 - 16:50

I don't like sympathizing with a man who I know in my mind was as addicted to power as lonely housewives are to soap operas.

12/19/2008 - 13:59
Full Metal Jacket 6

Sitting through this film is like watching "Hogan's Heroes" on crack.

08/26/1996 - 16:52

Apparently being British is something you can catch. God help us if it spreads like Ebola.

10/24/1997 - 00:05
Ghost Dog0

This is one of those idiosyncratic things independent film directors like Jim Jarmusch do because it confuses the hell out of people who aren't used to independent film.

10/06/1999 - 01:46
Girls Gone Wild: The Movie 0

Apparently, if you're a guy, you can go to New Orleans or Panama City, spend twenty dollars on cheap beads, and every woman within a hundred miles will cast aside years of finishing school and take off all her clothing for you.

08/27/1999 - 20:29
Good Burger6

"Good Burger" is so stirring, it was as if director Brian Robbins had reached into my body and poured a little bit of wonder into my soul.

07/25/1997 - 21:33
Good Will Hunting 0

"Good Will Hunting" is Matt Damon's version of slumming it: trying to identify with the common man, and in the end achieving only a clumsy, insulting condescension.

01/09/1998 - 21:38

When a violent scene is so gory and gratuitous that half the audience turns and pukes on the other half, that's a good sign that the movie is "edgy."

09/19/2000 - 21:45

In order to fit (director John) Woo's repertoire into their concept of quality,sycophants have been quick to throw out phrases like "operatic violence."

08/29/2000 - 16:14
Hearts in Atlantis 0

This film ought to be retitled "My Mom's a Whore".

09/28/2001 - 16:57

Next to "Mallrats" this is Shannen Doherty's greatest cinematic performance, unless you count the spread in "Playboy" where she was not only two-dimensional and inanimate, but naked as well.

08/29/1999 - 17:00