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Whale Rider0

Now, I realize that New Zealand is in the middle of nowhere and kind of behind on the times, but I also know they have electricity and televisions over there and must have watched an episode or two of "Police Woman" and seen evidence that women can, in fact, kick some ass when necessary.

07/04/2002 - 23:23
When We Were Kings0

By the end of the film I was hoping big George Foreman would sneak up behind (Norman) Mailer and, with one right cross, split his head open like a rotting Halloween pumpkin.

02/14/1996 - 20:53
Wild Bunch0

Peckinpah obviously saw glory in stupidity.

08/07/1995 - 02:37
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory2

This is probably one of the most heinous films ever made about corporate exploitation in the history of cinema.

06/30/1971 - 02:26
X-Men: First Class0

History will also judge how good of a decision it was to cast a soulless supermodel non-actor as a lady mutant who can transform into pure diamond (fantastic) and a somewhat chubby, always frowny-faced blonde as a shapeshifter (terrible).

07/01/2011 - 08:19