Three Bomb Mr. Cranky Movie Reviews

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Jesus' Son 0

Personally, I prefer the tales about the importance of Jesus where the reward for good works is a new Ferrari.

07/21/2000 - 16:48
Joe Somebody0

This might make a better story were it set in kindergarten.

12/21/2001 - 19:23
Johnny English 0

At some point, somebody had to conclude the following: "What the world needs is another spy film spoof."

07/18/2003 - 19:42

As we all know, killer truckers take taunts really well.

10/05/2001 - 19:48
Junk Mail0

This whole film needs a bath.

04/10/1998 - 20:03
Jurassic Park 30

She also smelled like a flower shop that had been ransacked by incontinent dogs.

07/18/2001 - 20:05
Just Friends0

This just goes to show anyone who's paying attention that movies are written by men, for men and about men -- and not one of these men has even a modicum of common sense when it comes to women.

11/23/2005 - 20:09
Just Married0

The primary font for the humor in "Just Married" consists of blows to the head, and in this one regard, Ashton Kutcher seems determined to become the master.

01/10/2003 - 20:11
Juwanna Mann 0

Movies like this are why Mr. Cranky needs a raise.

06/21/2002 - 20:14
K-19: The Widowmaker 0

"Inspired by" is the Hollywood term for "research is boring."

07/19/2002 - 20:17
K-Pax 0

This movie had so many great things about it I just wanted to stand up and shout in the theater.

10/26/2001 - 20:20
Kama Sutra0

Apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sly Stallone can pump lead into all the people they want, but the second some fuzzy foreigner presumes to teach Americans about sex, the MPAA is quick to throw garbage bags over the kids' heads.

02/28/1997 - 20:21
Kansas City0

Since (Director Robert) Altman doesn't see it in his heart to have Harry Belafonte break into a rendition of the Banana Song, I say screw him.

08/16/1996 - 20:25
Kate and Leopold 1

I feel bad for women. They apparently have so little to look forward to in modern men that they'll attend films like "Kate and Leopold."

12/25/2001 - 20:28
Kicking and Screaming 1

This movie struggles to find its jokes. They're not in the script, and Will Ferrell isn't allowed off his directorial leash to find any on his own.

05/13/2005 - 21:27
Kiki's Delivery Service 0

Pretty much all of Hayao Miyazaki's films are dull, but this one is quite possibly the dullest.

09/01/1996 - 21:32
Killer's Kiss 0

But in filmmaking, any detritus that could possibly make a dime or get the director a better gig is promptly vomited into the unsuspecting marketplace.

09/01/1998 - 21:38
King Arthur0

This version of "King Arthur" is supposedly based on some kind of new research. After watching the movie, I'm convinced that this so-called research was conducted by a group of barnyard animals on a bender.

07/07/2004 - 21:47
Kingdom of Heaven62

For a movie that's about the Crusades and all, "Kingdom of Heaven" doesn't seem all that interested in elaborating on the religious differences and beliefs of the participants. I could be wrong here, not being a Crusades expert, but I think it might have played a role.

05/06/2005 - 21:54
Kinky Boots0

Whenever Chiwetel Ejiofor is in a movie, I wince.

10/07/2005 - 21:57