Three Bomb Mr. Cranky Movie Reviews

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Blood Work0

Here's a list of names. You tell me who the killer is.

08/09/2002 - 19:34
Blue Streak0

The logic here is as corroded as the plumbing on the set of a David E. Kelley production.

12/17/1999 - 20:15
Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius 0

After Bobby Jones quit golf he founded Augusta National Golf Club, where white men play golf on one of the greatest courses in the world while black people carry their bags, serve their food, and women wait at the gate when they're done.

04/30/2004 - 20:28

While (director Norman) Jewison is spouting off about the importance of imagination, he's torturing us with his own, which mostly involves people dancing in fog.

09/06/1996 - 20:43
Booty Call0

Why try to be coy by titling your movie "Booty Call" when you could just be direct and call it "Bitch Quest" or "Beaver Hunt"?

02/26/1997 - 21:06
Bossa Nova0

Suddenly, I become painfully aware that I'm about to watch a movie that's going to play out like a poorly-written Hallmark card.

03/31/2000 - 21:18

"Bowfinger" is a mean-spirited comedy trying to pretend it's silly and cute, which makes it that much more contemptible.

08/13/1999 - 21:28
Boys Don't Cry1

"Boys Don't Cry" puts a face on white trash, which is like putting a face on baby seal clubbing.

10/29/1999 - 21:37
Brassed Off0

When you choose not to move out of a dangerous or dead-end situation,you pretty much put the "pathetic" in "sympathetic."

05/23/1997 - 21:39

Not content with simply remaking stale sitcoms, movie executives are now cannibalizing their own cannibalizations.

05/02/1997 - 22:15
Bride of Chucky0

There's actually doll sex in this film, and although I admit to notknowing exactly how it all worked, it did rival the wooden eroticism of Elizabeth Berkeley in "Showgirls."

10/16/1998 - 22:22
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason 0

I have two words for the filmmakers (and for Helen Fielding): Please stop.

11/19/2004 - 22:35
Bringing Out the Dead0

After all, kids these days aren't interested in silly things like plots or storylines.

10/22/1999 - 22:46
Brokedown Palace0

What this movie needed was Sybil Danning in full leather, explaining to Claire and Kate the rules in the chick clink.

08/13/1999 - 22:50
Broken English0

New Zealand is apparently less like a country and more like what the World Wrestling Federation would be if it had a seat at the United Nations.

05/02/1997 - 22:58
Broken Flowers0

I guess Bill Murray is now the poster child for self-reflective middle age types.

08/26/2005 - 23:03

Takeshi Kitano is a revered filmmaking figure. Why, I do not know.

11/24/2000 - 23:04
Brother Bear0

I think that somebody at Disney messed up the title for this film. Isn't it supposed to be called "Brother Beer"? I mean, it's got Bob and Doug MacKenzie in it, so I'm pretty sure it's "Brother Beer."

11/01/2003 - 23:06
Bruce Almighty0

It's usually only after cashing a few big checks that Hollywood types get the urge to scream from the rooftops about the infallibility of the Lord.

05/23/2003 - 23:15
Bubble Boy0

Frankly, I don't know how many "road" pictures can come out in two weeks, but it appears that a group of executive assistants probably got together and had one too many Zimas and conspired to plague society with them all at the same time.

08/24/2001 - 23:18