Three Bomb Mr. Cranky Movie Reviews

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Crazy/Beautiful 0

Nicole has more problems than the Bush twins on penny-drink night in a Houston strip club.

06/29/2001 - 20:49
Critical Care0

This film needs to be put to sleep.

10/31/1997 - 20:56
Cry Wolf0

"Cry Wolf" is an imaginary thriller because whatever thrills and mystery it may possess depend on the director hiding so many meaningful facts that the end of the movie requires a fifteen minute flashback sequence to cover them all.

09/16/2005 - 21:10
Cutthroat Island 0

Film marketing people must have done some kind of analysis that told them that the average I.Q. of people who go to see pirate-action movies is never more than three times their shoe size because "Cutthroat Island" has one of the stupidest, "how the hell did she get back on that wagon" scenes I've ever seen.

12/22/1995 - 21:17
Daddy Day Care0

After "The Adventures of Pluto Nash," Eddie Murphy's career is sinking faster than the reputation of Michael Jackson's plastic surgeon.

05/09/2003 - 21:54
Daltry Calhoun0

It's amazing anyone can attach so much importance to a film that never got into theaters.

09/25/2005 - 21:54
Dancing at Lughnasa 0

For all the dancing in this so-called dancing film, it might as wellhave been called "Talking at Lughnasa," "Watching the Grass Grow at Lughnasa" or "Cracking Walnuts Between My Ass Cheeks at Lughnasa."

11/13/1998 - 21:58
Dangerous Beauty0

It's Cosmo set in the open sewer of 16th century Venice.

02/20/1998 - 21:59
Dangerous Ground0

As the number of bullets unloaded into people increases, the coherence of the plot dramatically decreases.

02/12/1997 - 22:01
Dark Blue0

This subject is so old that it's just no longer possible to care.

02/21/2003 - 14:13
Dark City0

Is there something objectionable about being able to see during a film?

02/27/1998 - 14:16
Day of the Dolphin0

This film turns into a sappy melodrama faster than you can say "Starkist".

08/22/2000 - 14:26

Give this screenwriter his due -- it takes talent to write dialogue that actively produces pain.

12/06/1996 - 14:31
Dead Man0

There are lots of reasons to hate Westerns, so why (director Jim) Jarmusch felt compelled to create all-new ones is beyond me.

05/10/1996 - 14:37
Death to Smoochy0

Isn't this film about two years too late?

03/29/2002 - 14:44
Deep Impact0

Comets heading toward the Earth is where all this "women and children first" crap ends.

05/08/1998 - 14:56
Deep Rising0

Writer/Director Stephen Sommers may not have an ounce of talent for filmmaking, but he sure got that pitch right: Aliens meets The Poseidon Adventure.

01/30/1998 - 14:58

Daniel Craig is the most Aryan looking Jew I've ever seen in my life.

01/16/2009 - 14:47
Déjà Vu 0

The FBI's time machine sucks.

11/22/2006 - 14:59
Demon Seed0

Christie's character seems like the type of woman who's probablybetter off being diddled by a machine. It's not like her genes should be going anywhere.

08/22/1997 - 15:01