Two Bomb Mr. Cranky Movie Reviews

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Sin City 0

I'm all for shameless female nudity in movies, but Rodriguez trots out his actresses sort of like boxing promoters trot out ring girls between rounds.

04/01/2005 - 21:03
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow 0

Yes, Laurence Olivier has been dead since 1989, but Conran uses archival footage to essentially drag his corpse from the grave and animate it onscreen so he can make a quick buck. Isn't Hollywood wonderful?

09/17/2004 - 23:35
Sleepers 0

Barry Levinson didn't need a screenplay for this movie; he needed an editing machine and a good copyright lawyer.

10/18/1996 - 23:27
Sleepy Hollow 0

Myths, fairy tales, and comic books are for dopes who live in their parents' basement, their best moments existing solely in their heads.

11/19/1999 - 23:23
Sliding Doors 0

The idea that anything could happen to the British to make them more assertive is pure fantasy and explains Paltrow's casting. How do you make a Brit more assertive? You make her American.

04/24/1998 - 23:22
Sling Blade 0

"Sling Blade" is another one of those films in which some "slow" guy turns out to be the smartest person in the picture.

11/27/1996 - 23:21
Slumdog Millionaire18

Incidentally, while 20 million rupees may seem like a lot, I'm told it will get you no more than a Venti latte at a Starbucks.

02/22/2009 - 18:22
Small Soldiers 0

I guess it's nice to live in an age where America hasn't been involved in any major wars for awhile, freeing Hollywood types to hijack elements of our last consequential conflict, Vietnam, for a cheap Saturday-morning cartoon ripoff.

07/10/1998 - 23:16
Smoke Signals 0

You'd think that, after hundreds of years of oppression, they'd try for something more substantial.

06/26/1998 - 23:11
Snake Eyes 0

As ever, De Palma proves himself the master of overkill, beating his technique until it's limp and drained, leaving audience members to wonder how many more quarters they're going to have to plug into the machine to get to an actual plot point.

08/07/1998 - 23:09
Solitary Man1

It’s sort of like that awkward visit to the nursing home when you get there a little bit too early and accidentally witness grandpa getting beaten by an orderly with his own belt for pissing himself for the tenth time that morning. In other words, it’s uncomfortable.

06/25/2010 - 10:45
Some Mother's Son0

What possible angle on the tried-and-true "the English are mean" theme did the filmmakers feel had been left unexplored?

12/25/1996 - 02:23
Space Jam0

This must be one of the most ridiculous cases of tokenism I've ever seen.

11/15/1996 - 01:58
Spanking the Monkey0

"Spanking the Monkey" is the warmest family comedy to grace the screen since "Jade."

09/02/1995 - 01:56

Spider-Man just loves to get other men sticky.

05/03/2002 - 01:47
Spider-Man 20

"Spider-Man 2" is less a superhero action film than it is a twelve-step program for self-actualization.

06/24/2004 - 01:45
Spirited Away0

This is the highest-grossing film in Japan's history, which really makes you wonder what kind of weed the Japanese have been smoking.

07/27/2001 - 01:41
Spy Game0

Maybe somebody not cowed by Redford could point out the obvious to him.

11/21/2001 - 01:35
Spy Kids0

Even spookier is the fact that Teri Hatcher is in this film, acting with that weird quivery poodle-energy you know from the Radio Shack commercials.

03/30/2001 - 01:33
Star Treck IV: The Voyage Home0

No "Star Trek" films is worth its salt unless Klingons are getting blown up.

09/01/1995 - 22:14