Two Bomb Mr. Cranky Movie Reviews

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Chasing Amy0

(Director Kevin) Smith reverts to his signature brand of pre-Philistine humor, filling the film with more multi-tempoed profanity than a Tourette Syndrome convention.

04/04/1997 - 21:36
Chicken Run0

They might as well have injected every kid under five with a liter of sucrose.

06/21/2000 - 22:01
Cinema Paradiso 0

What any reasonable person really sees is a man in the final throes of true psychological repression as he tucks away the horrible realization of his exploitation and replaces it with gleeful nostalgia.

08/20/2002 - 22:29
Citizen Ruth0

No character in the movie is even remotely likable, which makes watching "Citizen Ruth" a real joy.

05/20/1997 - 22:32
City Hall0

In the first two minutes of the movie there's a scandal that doesn't appear to be connected to the mayor. It has absolutely nothing to do with him. Really, it doesn't.

02/16/1996 - 22:35
Clay Pigeons0

There's enough country and western music in this film to put Willie Nelson in a coma.

09/25/1998 - 19:27

This movie signaled to me that if you're looking for love you should sleep with a family member.

07/05/1995 - 19:39
Cold Comfort Farm 0

It's hard to believe that any family, even a British one, could be so dysfunctional.

05/10/1996 - 19:41

I spent most of this film trying to figure out the official name for the color of Tom Cruise's hair. Perhaps it's something simple like "Maverick Silver" or "Spalding Gray."

08/06/2004 - 19:45
Commandments 0

What takes a normal person two seconds to figure out takes director Daniel Taplitz 90 minutes to conceive.

05/02/1997 - 19:48
Confessions of a Shopaholic5

Do you masturbate while flipping through the Ikea catalogue?

02/21/2009 - 05:35
Conspiracy Theory 0

Since Richard Donner doesn't have a creative bone in his body, "Conspiracy Theory" is mostly one big jumble of scenes ripped off from other films.

08/08/1997 - 19:56

I don't know what it will take to exhaust Hollywood's appetite for turning lame comic books into lame movies, but "Constantine" may be the mouthful that pushes the industry over the edge into acute nausea.

02/18/2005 - 19:59

I guarantee that you'll be looking at your watch about two hours intothis thing wondering when Jodie is going to get in the pod.

07/11/1997 - 20:00
Cookie's Fortune 0

Director Robert Altman probably made this film just to irritate, because that's what he does.

04/02/1999 - 20:20
Coup De Grace 0

"Men are from Latvia, Women are from the Ukraine."

10/21/2001 - 20:31

It's always completely deflating when an otherwise tolerable idea goes completely awry in the sea of cinematic cliches.

09/01/2006 - 20:43

Think of the kind of world we would live in if men knew theycould be artists simply by running around and sticking their penises into weird places.

03/21/1997 - 20:45

Subtlety is not a quality that Hollywood admires, so whenever a film like "Crash" comes out, which deals with racism in modern America, you can expect to get beaten over the head like an obstinate Iraqi during an Abu Ghraib interrogation.

05/06/2005 - 20:48
Crimson Tide0

Perhaps the most annoying thing about this movie is that pandemic movie freak, Quentin Tarantino, contributed some rewrites to the script to make it more hip.

05/12/1997 - 20:54