Hancock Caption Contest

"Will Smith learns the hard way, stay away from baked beans."

Winner: Yamato

Will Smith learns the hard way, stay away from baked beans.
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Some ideas for the new caption contest...

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We could vote for a winner- though I do like the idea of a supreme final arbitor. Anyhow, if this new-fangledness pays off for jazzy et al, maybe there will be prizes which will up the ante (and the quality of posts) on a forum that had been lagging of late. In that case, if we were to vote en masse, with perhaps The Crank or a proxy having final veto power, the posts could be anonymous in order to avoid bias (conscious or otherwise). And there will be no voting for oneself! You're all so damned selfish! God! It's just take take take with you people! When are you gonna learn that to give is to receive? Didn't you see Pay it Forward? HUH!?!?
Not you, Mucus.

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