Ah, gatorade. My friend.

So today I finally got some much awaited good news. I'm not going to say what, other than to say it's something I've been waiting for since, oh, about March. To celebrate, I've been doing what I (apparentlY) do best: I've been out drinking with friends all evening. W00t!

I'm not really an alcoholic. Seriously. I swear. This is not just denial. It's not one of those x number of stages or whatever that addicts go through. Honestly. I've been drinking only to celebrate, and because the cute waitress at the last place we went joined us for a round and bought us sake bombs. I'm not the addictive type, and prior to this I haven't had anything to drink in a week or two. I can literally go months without drinking. But what am I trying to prove... you'll either believe me or you won't. Suffice it to say, I know and understand addiction, and I'm not an addict. Well, not an alcoholic. Perhaps a Crankaholic, if there is such a thing.

(Aside to Mal: I can control my typing while drunk if I really try... or at least, I can revise and edit out my mistakes pretty damn fast. I've got nimble fingers. Sorry...)

So: three rum & cokes, something called Orange Crush which involved more ingredients than I can recall off the top of my inebriated head but definitely included Red Bull and Vodka, and a sake bomb (shot of sake immersed in half pint of beer, drunk as quickly as possible). Not so much, really, but my tolerance is kind of low these days. More than enough for me! I'm a cheap drunk.

Anyhoo, like I said, it was a night for celebration. Good times were had, greasy spicy delicious drunken food was had, and I managed to stumble home safely. Now it's just me, a neurotic cat, and a bottle of gatorade to ward off the evitable hangover. I am tired, but if there's one thing I've learned from more than a decade of binge drinking, it's that I need to drink this here gatorade before I crash. I figure half a bottle ought to do the job.

I see it's 12:30. That's just enough time to watch Dog The Bounty Hunter And His Wife's Enormous Jugs while I finish my gatorade, and then hit the sack.

All in all, a good night.


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You understand addiction, but you're not an addict?

TMundo's picture

...unless you're a counselor of some sort I'm gonna have to ask how it is you understand addiction.

You're apologizing for the fact that you have nimble fingers?!?

Mal_Content's picture

Dude, you're talking to a woman! That's something to boast about!

I like your drunken misspellings. They always give me a laugh, even when I can't figure out wtf you're trying to say.

I find taking a few big

jazzdrive3's picture

I find taking a few big gulps of water in between drinks staves off any hangover, no matter how much you drink. It's all about the hydration.

As in, "Got my spine, I got my Orange Crush"?

MadNessMonster's picture

Anyway, congratulations on the good news.

I gotta agree with Jazz on that one, stay hydrated

TMundo's picture

Water's a pretty good thing to drink during the day anyway. You ever just feel sapped of all your energy for no apparent reason? Drink some water, it's probably why.

Two words:

RidingFool's picture

Binge drinking!

Now ain't that Dog and wifey something else? I particularly enjoy seeing the dog with his shirt undone, or no shirt. Can anyone tell my why he runs around half-assed nekkid? I mean really, he's an elderly gentleman, fer shure.

Damn but that's television, isn't it!

And Baby Lisa!

Now there's a name I'd like my slack-jawed daughter to be known by a nation-wide television audience.

Ya just gotta love train wrecks.


Now listening to The O'Kaysions - Girl Watcher (1968)

Hangover prevention

scarlet_ohara's picture

I find that if you eat a piece of bread or two, and also like Jazz said as well, stay hydrated, it goes pretty well the next day.

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