Crankycon 2009 with Pictures !!!!

Group Photo

Crankycon Group Photo, September 19, 2009, Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey

We finally got fully assembled at 10:45, concluding that all Crankylanders were present, and we went inside. 


The El Toro

The El Toro

For those of you not conversant in Spanish, "El Toro" in English would be "The Toro."  This is one of the best wooden roller coasters on the planet in that it's faster than, well, some really fast thing and it's amazingly smooth.  It also pulls about 5 g's. 

There are about a dozen coasters in Great Adventure, and at least half of them kick some major coaster ass.  And the other half are just plain fun.  The speed and mellowness of the Nitro defy description, though it took several rides after that to remove the screams from my ears of the young lady who sat next to me.  She told me that was her first coaster.  Who could tell?  For any man who may wish to be her first sexual experience, bring a condom and some ear plugs.

I didn't take any more pictures of the rides as they are so huge, and one must be so close to them to get any kind of shot, I really couldn't do them justice.  Taking photos from the Sky Ride is forbidden and results  in automatic suspension from the park.  Geez, drop one camera on a tourist, and these park people freak.



The Group Stops for a late lunch.

One of my favorite parts of any Crankycon is sitting around just talking to my fellow Crankylanders over a long casual lunch.  We inquired as to where the best park food was, and were directed to the Western cafe near the log ride.  The food we had learned from other park guests was only slightly better than what you'd find at a McDonalds, so most of us just ordered fries and a drink, preferring to sate our hungers later at Nathon's Hot Dogs.  Nathan's of New York fame indeed provided the best park food with their genuine skinned Polish sausages.  Indeed, a family sitting next to us at this Western cafe was chowing down on several orders of ribs and we asked them how the ribs were.  The reply was, "I don't know how they did it, but they cooked every last bit of flavor out of these, and most of the moisture."


Dry Booth

Log Ride Dry Booth

Oh those Six Flags people!  Always thinking of creative ways to make money.  This is a drying booth just outside of the exit from the log ride.  It will hold a family of four and cost $3.00.  Lucky Coaster sat in the back of the log and didn't get a drop on me.  I didn't see anyone use this booth, though there were some people who got soaked.  I am amazed at how Six Flags tries to squeeze every last penny out of their guests.  It's not enough that I paid $15 for parking (For a motorcycle!), $55 dollars to get in the gate, $13.00 to rent a small locker, and $11.00 for the fries and Coke, but when I went to the men's room, the attendant wanted to know if I would just be using a urinal or would I like to purchase the unlimited dumping pass? 


So wrong

This is just wrong

One thing I enjoy about traveling is the super people you meet.


And what day at the park would be complete without these?

Dippin Dots

Lovely Dippin Dots!

We stayed until the park employees wouldn't let us stay any longer.  It was a perfect park day.  The weather was great: Mild and sunny.  The lines were short.   And each and every ride I was looking forward to riding well lived up to its hype.  Maybe just maybe there is a god. 


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Batman and Supergirl ain't nothin'

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

One time I was driving in South Beach, Florida at about 2 AM.  A chubby guy on the sidewalk was wearing a costume that consisted of a bright yellow bikini with some rather expensive looking see thru wings attached to his back.  Covering the top half of his head was a bee mask complete with those antennae that bob around.  He was a very happy little bee.  I laughed so hard I almost drove right thru a red light and crashed into another car.  It was not Halloween.

{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  Coaster is planning to drive down to South Florida this week for some fun in the sun in Key West.  I'm guessing Coaster will be stopping at the Kennedy Space Center on the way down.  We may go to John Pennekamp Park to view the coral reef in the comfort of their glass bottom boat.  They also have snorkeling expeditions and canoe rentals.  Florida has the only coral reefs in the USA.  It will be like "Finding Nemo" (2003) for real.  Anyone interested in joining us please post in this thread.

If Dippin' Dots is the ice cream of the future,

RidingFool's picture

why can't we take it home in a bag like that old classic, cotton candy?

Cotton candy in a bag. Imagine. I always liked my cotton candy straight up and wound on a cardboard tube, fresh from the filthy-fingered hand of a carny worker with bloodshot eyes and a dangling cigarette hanging out of the side of his mouth. The drifting ash would add a pleasant pattern to the fluffy candy treat.

And hot dogs. How I loved them, my satiated stomach bloated, belching gaseous eruptions after enjoying the flavorful toppings of onions, mustard and jalapenos stacked high. There's nothing like throwing it to the winds over a barrel and starting all over again...

No, wait. That was Coaster at Mayfest in Tulsa.


Wait a minute! Where's the black, torn biker t, dirty, oily, ripped jeans, greasy boots and grease-encrusted fingernails?

Nobody else showed?

Rajah's picture

Geez, I thought at least TMundo or Junkyard Kid would've showed. Heck, TMundo is right next door! My excuse is I simply don't have the money. I can't swing the Keys either. All I can manage is the Aquarium next weekend. If I can get me brother to come along I can guarantee a good eating place (sans grits) afterwards he being a Foodie and all. I'm afraid you'll hit some rain as you head South.

Nobody showed for C.U.N.T. (Cranky Union Near Tulsa) either.

RidingFool's picture

Well, except this one guy, but nobody knows who the hell he was. 

^^^I think that guy showed up at C.R.A.V.E.

Rajah's picture

or did he? Well, those guys in witness protection have to stay on the move.

Rajah has never eaten Dipping Dots. What the hell are those things? Is it like frozen grits?


TMundo's picture

I posted that I was backing out, but I hadn't logged in and don't know that my comment got approved.  Basically I had to take on the second job again as my hours got cut back after labor day.  As I was deprived of sleep while working the night before, I just couldn't reasonably justify a trip to NJ early in the AM as I was so tired and I had not the cash to spring for a hotel the night before.


I'll get it together at some point.

Hey Coaster, you'd better hold up somewhere before heading South

Rajah's picture

We're getting a shitload of rain down here. Flooding, lightening, dogs and cats playing together, total chaos! Wish I hadn't sold me boat!

Rajah and Critico

Coaster's picture

Not a drop of rain on me since I left Tulsa, where it was raining mildly.  Today I head to Savannah to dine on Paula Deen's chicken, fixin's, and deserts.  Yeah, fuck this diet.  

I am packing rain gear, and my bike boots are great for keeping my feet dry.  I don't have rain gloves, but may take Foo up on his dish gloves suggestion.  I think the blue would go well with the bike.  

Critico, go for it.  I'm sure your turn out will be at least as good as mine, and frankly, I had a blast.  Perhaps at least Rajah and Dan will attend.  That sounds like a destination my wife would be interested in accompanying me on, if I were to attend, DAMMIT!  OH well...

See you later.  The road calls, and it's calling collect.

I don't wanna do it by myself

Critico's picture

because i would be spending way too much money to go, it would have to be something like the Cedar Point thing.

There's so much flooding at Six Flags Over Georgia

Rajah's picture

The Scream Machine is now known as the Scream and Gurgle Machine

I dress in cotton dress shirts and Dockers

Coaster's picture

RidingFool wrote:

Wait a minute! Where's the black, torn biker t, dirty, oily, ripped jeans, greasy boots and grease-encrusted fingernails?

I'm doing this trip solo.  You must be thinking about my wife.

I know you all hate Florida

Critico's picture

But i really want to go to Universal Islands of Adventure, why don't we make one there next year, at least i'll show up.

A little rain

RidingFool's picture

is nothing to be concerned about.

A couple of garbage bags for the body and a grocery bag in each boot and it's good to go! Those very nice dishwashing gloves that you boght for wifey make for good rain gloves. Added bonus: they're available in blue or yellow.


After a day of heavy rain

Rajah's picture

I ended up broken down in the middle of downtown Montreal. The local french hoboes where eyeing me. They sensed my weaknessssss....

Here, Raj, better don one of these:

RidingFool's picture (This is a movie site, after all.)

Lucky for you it's Montreal. At least you'll find someone to speak english there.


Hey Rajah, here's something you can enjoy

TMundo's picture

Rajah digs the pure an unadulterated type

her brother produces in an electronic music group yah know


Rajah's picture


Coaster may be leaving Florida right now

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

We had a great time yesterday in the Florida Keys.  First we went snorkeling at a coral reef in Key Largo.  My very first snorkel and I loved it.  Those corals don't swim very fast so it's really easy to sneak up on them.

Coaster - by the way - is the cleanest person I have ever known.  He is the only guy I have ever met who takes a shower before he goes in the ocean.

Then we went to Key West and let all the ladies buy us drinks.  Well at least one did for me.  I think possibly for the first time in my life.

{;-) Dan in Miami


Coaster got rained out

Rajah's picture

So AquaCon won't take place til Monday. Coaster, if you should get to me brother's house before me the garden gnome has the key. You might have to slip him some weed to give up the key. Btw, no snorkeling in the big tank. I heard the hammerhead shark wants to meat you. There'll be plenty to see at the aquarium> whale sharks, manta ray and beluga whale peniseseses

Looks like a good time

HS's picture

Hey Coaster, looks like you had a blast...sorry there wasn't a bigger turnout.  I was in Croatia so, that's my excuse.

No words about Kingda Ka?



Kingda Ka: One word.....

Coaster's picture


In August of 2010, I'll be visiting Magic Mountain as part of a two-week West Coast bike trip. I'm hoping to see you there. Perhaps my good bud Dave can join us again and carefully explain why we're both bound for Hell.

I'll be looking forward to riding X, Superman, Batman, and the rest of 'em. If my family is out there, perhaps my kids will join us. Unlike me, as some who've met them can attest to, my kids are cool. We're all heading to L.A. for my mother-in-law's 80th. I can ask, but I don't think she'll attend.

And you are correct, sir. I had a blast at Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey.  I plan to do that park again the first chance I get.

But your Croatian trip still fills me with envy. 

Why do you hate America?

Why do I hate America, Coaster? Four words:

HS's picture

No.  Nude.  Beaches.  Here.

See you next August (I hope).



And I thought HS hated America's freedoms!

FearlessFreep's picture



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