The Democrats need a punch in the nuts.

Spineless motherfucking snivelling pussies; they have had an unparalelled opportunity to do good stuff and they've virtually fucked it all away. When the Republicans get back in, it'll be back to fucking the Dems (and the American people) up the ass without lube and the creampuff Casper milquetoast Lefty sissies will flash a glassy-eyed drooling grin and say "Please Sir, may we have another?"




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Read Ann Coulter....

Dougal's picture

Her latest column shows the unintended effects of liberal incumbents.  For liberals and lefty politicians like Carter, Clinton, Daschle, Pelosi, Reed, Durbin, Schumer, Edwards and Kennedy, history is doomed to repeat itself, because they are doomed to repeat history.  They may mean well, but they have no concern for the law of unintended consequences.  The Healthcare cramdown is just one example.  For conservatives and centrists, this is predictable and glorious!

Here's to small government, part-time legislatures and more spending money in my pocket.

And a health care system that's a cruel joke

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and will stay that way until enough of you go bankrupt over medical bills. Only than will the Republican mantra of "We have the best health care system in the world" ring hollow as you are slapped with the reality that you, because you're between jobs or because your employer decided to drop coverage, have no access to it.

Perhaps you too will get a chance to watch a loved one die because you lack coverage as do 45,000 of our citizens do each year.

God Bless America.

OH Pahleez!!

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There is no healthcare "system" in the US.  Whether that is because the US is a capitalist country or any other reason is moot.  The fact remains that Congress has put too many restraints on the health coverage industries (can't sell across state lines, etc.) and sapped any incentive to hire - or even work. 

It's funny how the dems all say now that they should start over with the HC bill and take an incremental approach in order to gain bi-partisan support.  Feh!  They should have done that from the beginning instead of waste their time and our dollars dithering around with a pile of mumbo-jumbo that no one could understand.  They could have started with lowering the age for medicare coverage to 55.  That provision got erased.  They could have had open meetings as Obama promised.  That didn't happen.  They could have allowed national sales.  That didn't happen.  WE DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT WAS IN THE HC BILL!

The socialist systems in Europe and Canada are good and bad.  Some report success stories, others report failures.  We should take the successes of those countries and build on them, then address the failures.  It starts with an open dialogue.  All I know is that I don't want anyone forcing me to buy insurance; I don't want anyone taking my tax dollars to provide abortions for careless teens or illegal aliens; and I don't want anyone toying with my incentive to hire employees or make a buck.  Dems don't give a shit about consequences.  All they care about is the next election.

You can save your 45,000 sob stories for the 150 million or so who are trying to work for a living to support themselves and their loved ones.

God Bless a Conservative America.  America for Americans!


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I'm not a dem by the way.

The compassionate conservative Bush dove head first into two wars.  He wasn't even done with the first when he decided to start a second one.  Let's assume for arguement's sake that Saddam actually had wmd's, are we not more concerned with who would purchase them from Saddam?  Saddam hadn't used them in 15 years, we were concerned with Al'Quaeda, why not just let the bastards buy them and catch them in the act?  We're spending all our money rebuilding a nation that we never should have invaded to begin with.  The guy wouldn't even appoligize for the extremely large error.  We made the right decision based on false info?  It was our choice to except that info as a viable source, therefor we are responsible.  We wouldn't be in the situation we're in now not for so-called compassionate conservatives.  There's more to being conservative than being against abortion and gay marraige.  Those seem to be the only two issues I ever hear about, when there's so many other important issues that get passed up.

I am a conservative, which means I'm responsible....

Dougal's picture

...but I can't speak for all conservatives, especially the idiots.  I was against going into Iraq, but even the do-nothing Congress played into it, and there we are.  And Congress "wouldn't even appoligize for the extremely large error."  Our leaders made the wrong  decision based on political cowardice.

Why we're in Afghanistan is even more idiotic, since it is Iran that is supporting the Taliban and most of the worldwide terror.  The real target, Iran, should have been dealt with 30 years ago, when Russia and China couldn't do a damn thing about it.  Now they won't go along with an invasion of the real problem in this world---the mullahs of Iran.

most of this cvrap should be deal with underground

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not in an all out invasion.

Dealing with Iran

FearlessFreep's picture

Washington tried to "deal with Iran" 30 years ago by quietly encouraging Saddam Hussein to invade that country.  Of course, this created an even bigger problem.


Penny-wise, dollar-foolish

FearlessFreep's picture

"I don't want anyone taking my tax dollars to provide abortions for careless teens or illegal aliens."

Does that mean you don't mind your tax dollars being spent on welfare payments to those unaborted kids?


Quote: ...history is

RidingFool's picture


...history is doomed to repeat itself, because they are doomed to repeat history.  They may mean well, but they have no concern for the law of unintended consequences.  The Healthcare cramdown is just one example.  For conservatives and centrists, this is predictable and glorious!

That's nice, but do you have anything besides homilies taken from Little Annie Fannie?

  • What history is doomed to repeat itself?
  • They may mean well? Everybody means well. Even you.
  • Which law of unintended consequences?
  • How many laws of unintended consequences are there?
  • The healthcare cramdown is just one example of what, exactly?
  • Conservatives and centrists? Are there any actual people in America that recognize that there is more to it than placing people into pigeonholes? The whole religious, fundamental, conservative, liberal, right-wing, left-wing, kiss-my-ass you commie faggot reasoning isn't reasoning. It's mass stupidity.

Now excuse me while I go back to the internets and look for more on the 9/11 conspiracy and this interview with Juval Aviv:,2933,161962,00.html

With apologies for the Fox News link.

Now go here and read the true story:


Ah, Look, Fool...

Dougal's picture

I'm not about to give a dissertation on my opinions.  And I am not posting here to educate you.  As you've made painfully obvious, you can educate yourself, no matter how misguided.  So your questions will go unanswered.

Sorry, but given your 9/11 conspiracy bull****, you're way too far gone to engage.  The only way to stop terrorism is to invade Iran, kill the clerics who started this whole islamic crusade 30 years ago, and then kill every cleric who continues to spout the propaganda that leads to the murder of innocent people.  (And don't say that no one in the West is innocent, because that argument simply impugns the entire muslim population as well.)  Say what you will, but killing the clerics who started this is really the ONLY solution.

Also, stay on track please.  This thread wasn't about 9/11 any more than it was about the Bush Administration. Read more Ann Coulter.  She's a voice of reason.

God Bless America.  America for Americans.

So it's all about America for Americans, is it?

RidingFool's picture

Well then, Dougal, just where the hell are you and your family coming from with a great "American" name like Dougal?



Just What IS an "American" Name...

Dougal's picture

...Fool?  And since you're big on not pigeon-holing, how do you justify your question in the first place?  Are you trying to insult me by raising innocuous (or meaningless) contradictions in my posts?  Dougal is my dog's name!  He's Irish!  You don't want to fight him!

You should have chosen a more American name for your puppy

RidingFool's picture

since it's America for American dogs, or some such rubbish.

That it, avoid the question...

Dougal's picture

...Still haven't stated what an "American Name" is.  Too afraid of being pigeon-holed.

If we invade countries without UN consent...

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...we basically anger the world and give more fuel to terrorist recruitment.  We had the sympathy of the world after 9/11, and we still had it after afganistan but we lost it when we went into iraq.  Then terrorists used that loss to recruit more individuals and send them to iraq to hurt our troops.  We actually furthered the terrorist cause by invading iraq.

You want a solution, prove to the world that we are good people, and not the assholes these people think we are.  They think we are infidels, and if we tourture and invade left and right then we truely are.  But if we remain peaceful, the world is on our side. and if we must we can use the world to aid us in fighting with intelligence.  Terrorism is a war fought on a worldwide scale of intelligence, spying, espianage, and all that jazz, not by invading nations and angering the surrounding populace.  It must be done quietly.

Yeah, but...

Dougal's picture

TMundo wrote:

You want a solution, prove to the world that we are good people, and not the assholes these people think we are.  They think we are infidels, and if we tourture and invade left and right then we truely are.  But if we remain peaceful, the world is on our side. and if we must we can use the world to aid us in fighting with intelligence.  Terrorism is a war fought on a worldwide scale of intelligence, spying, espianage, and all that jazz, not by invading nations and angering the surrounding populace.  It must be done quietly.


Nice.  We were a peaceful people on 9/10.  What happened after that?  The islamic terrorists will always consider American an infidel, so fuckwhat the rest of the world thinks.  Remaining peaceful works in books and magazines, but not in the world where jet fuel and gravity mix.  The invasion of Afghanistan was necessary to support the population opposed to the brutal Taliban who couldn't fight them.  The invasion of Iraq was just stupid.  The "world" doesn't think about that.  They just feel that America is crusading and being imperialistic.  The recruiting of suicide bombers will happen whether or not America invades countries.  But what you said about a cold-war style approach works nicely with boots on the ground.

9-11 Happens

scarlet_ohara's picture

Hi Dougal,

It concerns me that the fear of 9-11 or tragedies like it could motivate a war. An act of terrorism can happen anytime, anywhere.

I suppose that is scary, but any person who really wants to kill people can, and will, do that. None of us can control it, crazy folks will always exist. You can't live your life in fear. You can't be motivated by fear.


This is not a case of we must attack, lest we be attacked. Any Timothy McVeigh in his garage can build a bomb or climb a clock tower and pick people off. It doesn't mean you shouldn't go on with your life. If you don't go on living, then the mere fear of terrorism has already taken your life.

Much in the same way, if our country goes against its own ideals of peace and fair treatment of all people, just from fear of terrorism, then we have already willingly ended this country's life.


Just something to ponder ;)





Ann Coulter = Voice of Reason

West_Coast_Dude's picture

Holy shit, I can NOT believe there still are people who really think that way. That hatemongering broad needs a large IV drip of STFU.

'Course, some folks think that our former glorious leader Dubya and Sarah 'Gidget goes Right-wing Apeshit' Palin are friggin' brilliant too.

And don't even get me started on Rush Limburger.


West_Coast_Dude's picture

sorry gang, hit the wrong button

You Jimmy Carter fans out there will like this.

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

Yes all three of you.  I always felt that Carter was more the victim of some very bad luck than a wimp on foreign policy and military policy.  In the following article he vigorously defends his record.

{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  Jimmy Carter actually served in the military.  Practically none of the chicken hawk Republicans who have criticized him did.

Great article, Dan.

HS's picture

Thanks for posting.  And I agree with your assessment of Carter.  If nothing else, he has proved to be a phenomenal elder statesman post-presidency.  In his 80's, he's sharp as a tack.



Republicans seem to dismiss soft power

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

Todays GOP never ceases its efforts to fund the military/industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about.  The promotion of human rights here and abroad is not a sign of weakness as some right wingers would have you believe.  Instead it burnishes the image of the USA and makes friends for us around the world.

It is probably time for Obama to stop trying to make friends with the dictators of Iran.  They are just playing with him.  Instead he should support the young people and others in Iran who are trying to make their country a liberal democracy.  This might look risky in the short term, but will bear lasting fruit in the future.

Follow the example of Carter and support democracy and human rights!

{;-) Dan in Miami

Damn! Someone finally outed me on my 9/11 conspiracy

RidingFool's picture

beliefs. Oh well. So much for trying to keep my secrets from all of you. I am so embarrassed. And by the way, you stupid shit. Did you even look at the links? Jesus but people are so presumptuous on the internets.

Now back to regularly scheduled programming.

I understand America's reluctance to adopt "free" health care. In my opinion, it's rooted in American historical myth. There have been too many cowboys and indians movies, too many gunslinger adaptations, too many "we the people" moments preaching and believing in the greatness of American society. I'm sorry, but greatness isn't measured by the Alamo and some guy that had a Teddy bear named after him; it doesn't come from making fun of freedom fries; it has nothing to do with some little house on the prairie; it's not about a mission accomplished that wasn't; it's not declaring war on some abstract term; it's not bitching about how people don't deserve certain things if they can't afford to pay for them.

Greatness is measured in how a society takes care of its people.

The myth and majesty of that old range rider, sitting tall in the saddle with a six-gun strapped to his leg and a rifle hanging off of his saddle, hat pushed back on his head, spitting tobacco and smoking rollies, is long gone. Not only that, but he couldn't take care of himself or his family beyond scraping shit off of his boots before walking in the door - if he could even manage to do that. It was a great myth though, like Kings and Queens and Knights of the Round Table.

Wake up; sniff the foul air; pull your heads out of your collective asses. Admit that your society is not that of the ignorant talking heads and the politicians who enjoy their free health care, who kiss the asses of the corporations that fund their excursions. You're all going to be out of a job when you retire. How about some of that free health care in order that you can live a good life in your declining years, and not have to sell the ranch to pay for all of the infirmities of old age?

All you young bastards out there who actually believe in the American myth are due for a huge shock when the health care you are paying for stops. Suck it up and start looking after your fellow man and your own future, rather than believe you're invincible and won't get ill. You won't be able to take care of yourself or your family without some form of health care. When you get ill, you won't be able to afford your health care, if it hasn't already been pulled out from under you like a rug on a hardwood floor. Ha ha, the joke's on you because you paid some self-serving corporation that has to dump you because you affect their bottom line.

To have 47 million of your own citizens without any form of health care whatsovever in 2010 is unthinkable. The "they can go to an emergency room" response is unthinkable, and in fact is a lie. To have people, in 2010, not able to afford nor to have life-and-death medication, is unthinkable.

For any one of you to criticize another nation for its ability to take care of the health of its citizens is unthinkable. That you would even deign to try is unthinkable.

That stinking global warming air that you think you're breathing is because your heads are up your asses.

The "best health care system in the world" is a fallacy based on innuendos perpetrated on the public by the paid representatives of the health care corporations - and I don't mean the paid representatives of the health care corporations. I mean your elected representatives - if there's anyone left in America that actually believes that the person they sent to Washington represents them. Good luck with that fallacy too.

Because this thread is so boring and time-worn, I must offer

RidingFool's picture

the following for all of you smart enough to be using the FireFox browser. Since you all must sit at home and worry about where your next health-care dollar is coming from (or going to), this should help to take your mind off of being found out by your bed-ridden family member.


You betcha, bay-bee!

RidingFool's picture


invade ... kill the clerics ... and then kill every cleric... killing the clerics ... is really the ONLY solution.

The final solution. It worked so well for Germany.

Bad Comparison

Dougal's picture

...Germany = not a relgious war, just a war on a religious people.


...Iran = religious war...war based on religion to stamp out other religions and to rule based on religion.

Religion is a big makes humans kill themselves.  It's so powerful, our leaders are afraid to admit that there is a religious war going on.

They should admit to it and face it head on...

You've got those American jackboots tied so tight to your feet

RidingFool's picture

that you can't tell the difference between persecution and religion.


Dougal's picture

It was just explained.  Your name suits you.

Roy Rogers was a fake?

Rajah's picture

<starts crying>

the reason why we don't have universal healthcare is our corporate masters don't want it

As long as there's a profit in it there will always be war

It's all theater to make you think something is being done from the TSA, Healthcare fight to the so called War on Terrorism

We were put on this earth to fart around. Don't let anyone tell you any different

Any person will sellout if the price is right

Bow to your corporate masters, they know what's best for you!

Yes! There can be only one true western television hero...

RidingFool's picture

Out of the clear blue of the western sky comes SKY KING!



Reminds me of an old grade school chop

Coaster's picture

"If shit could fly, you'd be Sky King."

I always thought that show was pretty lame but those twin engined Cessnas were nice to watch. 

So was Penny. 


Well then, perhaps 75Bravo is more to your liking.

RidingFool's picture

More on this topic

scarlet_ohara's picture

Hey X-man, I missed you.

As much as our country is divided now, no good can come of more killing and more war.

Killing all the muslims won't help anything, it just means more discontent and more death. In fact, killing muslims would indeed be as bad as the whole jihad thing to begin with. Wouldn't we be pulling the same crap we're so eager to call the extremist muslims evil for?

This is a country of ideals, and a true patriot would have enough patriotism to stick to the idea that everyone deserves life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Life, know,  it's the first one.

So as much as we lefties and righties like to argue about what's wrong with this country and how to fix it, probably none of us has all the answers, though so many say so much to imply that they do.

An early post to the first version of this site reminded us that extremists on either side of the wings can get scary.

The nazis leaned a little too far to the right, and they had issues. Russia leaned a little too far to the left, and they had issues. Instead of dead-locking ourselves in a battle of left versus right, a battle where no one will ever win and we just strangle ourselves, why don't we actually try to fix this place up instead of pointing fingers?

A return to triangulation?

FearlessFreep's picture

'Democratic strategist Lanny Davis says President Barack Obama's openness before the House Republican conference in Baltimorewas "his finest public moment since he became president."

"If only he could produce the same attitude of tolerance, civility and openness to differing opinions by the rabid, vitriolic right and left of both parties -- and to the House Democratic and Republican leaders," Davis told Politico.'

Personally, what really concerns me is the rabid, vitriolic center.


Yeah, they can't make a stand on an issue yea or nay

Rajah's picture

So they stay in the wishy washy center. Hey, that's what politics is all about, willing to compromise. No, take a stand for or against it and fight for awhile before cowing down and compromising. If they've got no convictions what are they doing there? Centrists are just cowards who are affraid of being labeled.

Some people here, and I'm not name names...

Coaster's picture

(so Dan, Fearless, and Raj need not worry) have always put principle above pragmatism.  Principles are great, but one still must responsibly govern and do so with a measure of efficiency. 


FearlessFreep's picture

If you put principle above practical results, at least you'll have your principles.  The problem with putting results first is that you'll often fail on both counts.


Pshaw! We should judge by results rather than intentions.

Coaster's picture


Like when the Democrats nominated Kerry instead of Dean?

FearlessFreep's picture

So well-intentioned!


Kerry/Bush was a close race.

Coaster's picture

Howard Dean would have gotten killed. 

Your speeding idealistic hybrid keeps running into the old school brick wall of reality.

They chose Kerry to cater to the so-called conservative lean...

TMundo's picture

...the country supposedly had taken after Bush Jr. got elected.  Kerry seemed the most conservative.  I personally liked Dean, but that RAHHHHHGGGHHH!!! thing he did pretty much sealed the deal in any realistic sence.  I did like the guy, I thought he spoke with the energy of a preacher.  That man could speak.  Kerry on the other hand, while an able candidate, didn't seem to have the campaign stradegy or momentum, to get ahead.  I mean the guy served in nam and Bush didn't and we were loosing a war at the time, to me, it was a no-brainer.  But then again, it was the same with Gore, he willingly volunteered for vietnam.  He didn't have to go because he was in college at the time, but his feeling was that if he didn't go, someone else would go in his place, and so he went.  Pluss he was sharp as a tack. Bush, on the other hand, snuck off halfway through national guard service and wasn't considered all that studious.  But half the country felt otherwise.  Whadaya gonna do?  Maybe america is filled with a bunch of ignjorant numbskulls, I'll be the first to admit it.  Ever look at the comments on youtube?  People hate us.  A lot based on the decisions of Bush, but I'd venture to guess a few of them know how ignorant many americans are.

The problem with Kerry and the 2004 election...

HS's picture

...was that the Republicans simply ran a much better campaign.  Now in this case, better=more evil.  But that's what you gotta do to win. 

For example, in states that the Repub's knew would be close - such as Ohio - they had focus groups in each county answer questions about such topics as abortion and stem cell research, then had Bush campaign EXTRA HARD ON THESE ISSUES in counties with the highest percentage of pro-lifers. 

Additionally, getting the vote of the religious right (and by that I mean Utah Mormons and evangelical Christians in "Bible Belt" states) seems to make-or-break elections these days.  While there are many intelligent people living in those states, they seem to place the afforementioned issues as TOP PRIORITY over things like health care, the the Iraq and Afghan wars, and even the economy.  For an example, look at McCain-Palin's (or should I say Palin-McCain's) victory in Utah, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, and Arkansas.  The MOST EVANGELICAL of all Republican candidates in the prelims two years ago - Mike Huckabee, won at least four of those eight states mentioned. 

The only way for a Democrat to win these states is if he comes across as a God-fearing, aw-shucksing good ol' boy - which is exactly what Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton did.  In this regard, John Kerry and his snotty Eurotrash wife - Catholics both (and we all know that Catholics aren't *REAL* Christians) - never really stood a chance against Dumbya and his born-again, non-drinking revelry. 

Where I DO fault Kerry is for not sacking up and calling his accusers liars on two ridiculous allegations: swift-boating and flip-flopping.  He was RIGHT ON to criticize his fellow soldiers who acted dishonorably in Vietnam.  And as for the flip-flopping, IIRC it was really just his realization that he was sold flawed data about Iraq possessing WMD's that led him to later on declare that he was against the Iraq war.  I APPLAUD the man for owning up, and the allegations of "constant flip flopping" are examples of why it's so goddamn difficult for more politicans to do the same.

Too bad.  I admire John Kerry, but his lack of balls is a prime example of why the guns-and-ammo, pro-death penalty, Rush Limbaugh-listening whackjobs INSIST that the Democrats are spineless pussies. 

Sadly, they may be right.



"Dean would have got killed"

FearlessFreep's picture

And what makes you so SURE of that, Mr. Reality?



Would he have dropped out if the polling numbers were there?

Coaster's picture


One thing I know for sure

FearlessFreep's picture

If they'd nominated Dean, some people would have actually voted to elect the Democrat instead of just voting to defeat the Republican as usual.


Would that have made you happy?

Coaster's picture

Plenty of us voted FOR Obama, and you don't like him either. 

It isn't so much that I don't like Obama

FearlessFreep's picture

But I know ineptness when I see it.


You would not have seen ineptness had you viewed Obama facing

Coaster's picture

down Republicans at last Friday's Republican House Members Retreat where he stood before them and answered questions for two hours. No notes, no teleprompters, and he was brilliant in his recollection of details for every issue with which the Republican House members confronted him.

He provided answers which demonstrated that this is the man who can put this country back on the right path.

As a President, Obama makes a great professor

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

Which is what he was as a younger man.

Obama is brilliant at analysis.  You can't beat him when it comes to articulating complicated subjects.  If you need someone to be a mediator, he's your man.

The problem is that some political issues can't be mediated.  Obama still doesn't seem to realize this.  On some issues a politician must use his political power and ram things thru even if the opposition doesn't like it.  Obama wants to be liked.  This is his main drawback as a political leader.

At some point Obama will realize that not everyone is going to like him and his policies.  Either that or he will suffer a nervous breakdown.

{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  From Wikipedia:

Obama is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, where he was the president of the Harvard Law Review. He was a community organizer in Chicago before earning his law degree. He worked as a civil rights attorney in Chicago and taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School from 1992 to 2004.


Are you assuming Obama won't learn from his mistakes?

Coaster's picture

Just watch.  We just got done with year one.  Year Two will be a whole 'nother animal.



How narrow can we get these boxes to go?

"If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog" Harry Truman

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

Obama isn't ornery enough.  I say we dig up the bones of Harry Truman, grind them up, put them in a saline solution and then inject the whole mess into Obama's butt.

{;-) Dan in Miami


Obama's biggest problem

Rajah's picture

He continues to think Republicans are reasonable people

Far too many people hate Obama for bullshit, crazy, whacky and totally made up reasons.

Re: "You would not have seen ineptness..."

FearlessFreep's picture

You would not have seen brilliance in Obama's decision to choose Rick Warren for his inaugural invocation. (Wait, at the time some Obamaites actually insisted this was a brilliant move rather than a self-inflicted disaster!)


"Would he have dropped out if the polling numbers were there? "

FearlessFreep's picture

In other words, the Democrats' refusal to support Dean justifies itself. 

I suppose it depends on what you consider practical

Rajah's picture

Pragmatism doesn't work when dealing with Republicans and that mutant strain of Democrats the conservatives. To them any change isn't practical given their lose handle on reality. What if the politicians back in the 1860s considered ending slavery was impractical? After all their labor was necessary for the plantation system to work and a practical pragmatic president would face reality and do nothing. Thank God Lincoln wasn't pragmatic.

I would prefer less regulation

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

But I have to admit that deregulating the banks was a huge mistake.  I will always reserve the right to change my mind based on new information.

I wish it was possible to keep health care insurance private.  The fact is that the insurance companies have done a terrible job.  Even if you don't care about poor people being uninsured, you must admit that the outrageously high cost of health care is making the USA uncompetitive in the global economy.

{;-) Dan in Miami



Could an atheist be elected president?

Rajah's picture

I think not

The reason why the South keeps going for republicans : Hey, we've got a bunch of stupid people down here!

Yeah, I would have liked to see how Dean would do as president. He's a fighter instead of a pragmatist

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