Do You Like the New Site?

47% (28 votes)
I like to punch orphans
53% (31 votes)
Total votes: 59

More punching of the orphans please.

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I like the site, but... (and this is a BIG but)

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I really like punching orphans more!

It's a tie! It's a tie!

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You peepul are so repugnant. I mean really. Punching orphans?

This looks to be much more fun! Plus, you don't get to go to jail.

God damn those motherfucking

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God damn those motherfucking orphans.


Most of the orphans I've met were assholes

scarlet_ohara's picture

And deserved to be punched

You guys are sick.Orphans

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You guys are sick.

Orphans should be hit with a 6 foot pole, not punched.  That way you don't have to touch them.

But then you don't get

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the satisfying feel to go along with the satisfying sound.

Excuse me, Wulfgar?

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The whole "orphan" concept sort of negates the "motherfucking" option.

Wouldn't you think?

But still, orphan punching remains a marvelous pass-time. I remember many lazy, Sunday afternoons in my youth spent happily punching orphans. It was a happy time, over all, and life seemed so much simpler, then.

I was a Republican at the time, of course, and didn't know any better.

Best regards, Wally

Orphan punching

RidingFool's picture

will NEVAR replace dwarf-tossing!

punching orphans 101

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the orphans are dead even..

hmm orphan tossing avatar, google here i come..

Not unless....

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They're necrophiliac orphans. And yet people question the punching?

Lazy Sunday afternoons punching orphans?

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We thought you were busy helping ma cook up a huge "pot o' one tub serves everyone democratic scrapple" on each and every Sunday. Now the truth be known.


It's a tie! And, believe it or not, peeps, I see

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that there are 29!! - yes, 29! - guests online at this very moment.

Oops. Scratch that. There are 39 guests! No, wait! 42!

Come on, peepul!

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We need more abusers of orphans in here! Do I single-handedly have to direct every Papist priest that I know to this thread or what?

I like the site.

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I like it so much I think I will come here more orphan.

Oh, stop yer bitchin', RF

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For Pete's sake, there's a thread going about your favorite sexy moment in a movie, and it's being neglected by nearly everyone.   What the HELL?

Come on, what's more important - sexy movie scenes, or traumatized orphans?   Personally, I think some of you clowns should be hanging your heads in shame concerning your priorities.

Orphans aren't worth the gum on the bottom of my shoe.  Sexy moments in cinema - now that's something worth living for.

You tarty thing! How about

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the entire performances of Tilly and Gershon in Bound?


Ooops, sorry. Wrong thread.


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its gonna take time for everyone to get use to this site..its alot more...shall we say...expansive and rich than the previous one..and i am sorry to say..for my limited capacity..more difficult to navigate around..for now...personally, i think there should be one forum..for the time being...

then again....the LAST freaking forum went on so damn long...i guess i got used to there being one big 2 mile long thread..

get a new picture..i cant beat off to that one.

You know the nice thing about marrying an orphan?

MAYORBOB's picture

No mother-in-law issues.

where are all the old caption contest pics at?

Form-VII's picture

I like to laugh and cry and all the unfunny captions that beat mine!


gamerarocks's picture

bring the old winners back to reminisce over the good ones and groan over the ones that were as bad as the movie they attempted to flame.  (like mine)

Due to his lack of arms, Zarxxis cannot punch orphans. However..

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Zarxxis can unhinge his jaw and swallow orphans whole.

I agree, Rage

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It's definitely been a bit of a challenge getting used to the new site.   Should I be embarrassed that it took me literally 10 minutes to find this thread?    Sheeeez, what a knob.

Can someone explain to me what it means when (for example) 15 "guests" are online?  Does that mean there are 15 people lurking at the site, but not posting??

P.S. Rage, if you can't beat off to Mother Teresa, just close your eyes, get dick in hand, and imagine that an orphan is shitting out chocolate kisses on her face.    I have *confidence* in you, man.

You tarty heathen, Terri!

RidingFool's picture

It's not nice to mock MotherT, well-known as the mother of MrT. Shame on you.

Speaking of MrT, has anyone seen him recently? His face looks like shit. He ought to get his arthritic little hands on some of that botox as soon as he can.

Terri, I get it that your names are the same

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But did Mother Teresa have big boobies?

Is beating orphans as much fun as beating hobos?

Wait just a darn minute!

RidingFool's picture

Mother Teresa has a dick?

Is it spotted?

Orphans untie! Err, Orphans, UNITE!

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Don't let the bastards insult your heritage!

Don't allow those Papist priests to bugger up your future!

Stand up for your rights!

Well, dangit...

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I like both...


You like both what?

elderly_gentleman's picture

Both arms? Both legs? Both tits? Both balls?


Be specific.

Both the site and punching

SonOfOdin's picture

Both the site and punching orphans.

But both of those other things are nice, too.


I once punched an orphan...

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He was a very short, yellowish, tough skinned orphan. 

The punch left a bruse on my right arm that corrupted it with rage, hate, and supernatural strength. The hate would spread through the rest of my body. It would have killed me if I didn't travel back to the orphan's homeland to find a cure. He was from a town far away, and I would have to travel though an enchanted forest filled with spirits and giant animal gods.

No...wait...that was the plot of Princess Mononoke. Come to think of it, it didn't happen that way at all! I was just hepped up on a cocktail of LSD, mushrooms, and medical grade peyote. And it wasn't orphan, it was a fire hydrant. I guess that's why I'm wearing a cast right now. I'm guessing that "enchanted forest" was I-5 / I-405 interchange.

What were we talking about again?

That's exactly how I feel.

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There are no orphans in Australia

a_dingo_ate_my_baby's picture

because they've all been eaten by hungry animals. Consequently, I'd have to go with "Yes". However, I swallowed my pride, and the orphan, and voted to punch the silly buggers out.

I have now stopped eating orphans, and therefore favour punching.

Great Site

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Orphans piss me off!!!! Selfish fuckers.

As an orphan, I must take offense.

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It sickens me to see that this fundamentally flawed poll is allowed to continue in its present vein. To think that people from this site that I know and have met continue to be involved in this travesty of soulless humor and failed adoption sickens me.

This madness must stop!

Are you, like, bipolar, RF?

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Cuz up there, you said, "We need more abusers of orphans in here! Do I single-handedly have to direct every Papist priest that I know to this thread or what?"

Uhh, well...

RidingFool's picture

I don't have problems with sex and shopping, so, no, I mustn't be bi-polar.

However, some elderly gentlemen do have trouble with memory lapses.

Or, I just wanted to raise a little hell!

Once I was dishing out gruel in this orphanage

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And one of the brats came up and asked for more. I had to punch him for that. What's worse they all began to sing and prance around

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