Don't Be a Victim: Imax, AMC, and Regal Are Ripping You Off

Are you aware, as I wasn’t last week, that if you buy a ticket to an Imax showing for which you’ll likely pay an additional $5 premium, that you may end up viewing your movie on a screen roughly the same size as a standard theater screen? Aziz Ansari, who costars in Parks and Recreation (NBC’s new show featuring Amy Poehler), wasn’t aware of that either until he went to see Star Trek at an AMC multiplex in Burbank. He blogged about his less than satisfactory experience the following day. You may read his blog entries here.

Ansari's Blog I

It seems those complicit in this Imax small screen scam claim the smaller screens still present an enhanced viewing experience because of improved sound and digital quality. Whatever. I know if I, like Ansari, pay an extra $5, I want my big honkin’ Imax screen. The near regular sized screen, whose enhancements are questionable at best, do not justify the premium price.

I strongly suggest you click on the link, as Ansari writes quite effectively and pulls no punches. Quite telling is the size comparison of an Imax and the far smaller “fake Imax” screens.

The chairman of Imax responded, and Ansari followed up with another blog entry.

Ansari's Blog II

 It included this gem:

“The overwhelming majority of comments on that guy’s blog this morning, more than 90% of them, are vehemently disagreeing with him. And consumers are confirming this with their continued purchases of tickets.”

And Ansari Responds:

"WHAT A SURPRISE ANOTHER IMAX LIE. Who did those numbers? The same guy who measures your bullshit tiny IMAX screens???"

Elsewhere on the net, at   (Cranky won’t allow more than two embedded links), Richard Gelfond, CEO of Imax, compared Imax to BMW. Gelfond stated that people don’t say a 3-Series isn’t a BMW because it’s smaller than a 7-Series. The article’s author rightly points out that people don’t expect to wind up with a 3-series for the price they paid for a 7-series either.

 Aziz Ansari is spot on. I won’t be spending/wasting my dollars at either Imax, AMC, or Regal Theaters until they stop ripping off the public. I would urge my fellow Crankizens to do the same and to let these chains and Imax know how you feel.  To those complicit in this scam, I have some bad news: Size matters.



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Coaster I feel your pain

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

Here is the Imax theater with the big honking screen where I will be viewing Star Trek (2009) today.

Teh and a heh and another heh!

{;-) Dan in Miami


My Pain My Ass

Coaster's picture

Instead of feeding those greedy disingenuous pigs, why don't you consider supporting the boycott?  Instead of paying Imax, you can just go to a regular theater and sit really really close to the screen. 

Star Trek (2009) is awesome on Imax!!!!

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

Wow what a thrill ride!  Because of the steep angle of the seating there are no bad seats.  You feel like your nose is pressed right up against the movie.  The film they use is 10 times the size of normal movie film.  It has so much definition you can count Spock's nose hairs.  Because the screen is five stories high you are literally surrounded by the picture. 

I'm seriously considering seeing it again before it finishes its limited Imax run in a few days from now!  And I only had to pay $12 for the ticket plus parking and gas money to drive to Ft Lauderdale.  What a deal!

{;-) Dan in Miami

What I'd like to see on Imax

FearlessFreep's picture

Some of those old Cinerama movies, like HOW THE WEST WAS WON.


hungriest budget travel you've met

Lucy Hawkes's picture

1. Would you eat from a table of left overs?

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