Ever read a book so terrible...

...it nearly killed you?



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So wait, was any of that stuff in the movie?

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Was there an actual scene involving a girl who takes a nap with a lizzard playing dead on her foot only to awake top the sound of a boy named justin throwing peaches at a fence?

Sounds like some sort of Judy Blume stuff, or possibly the Beast in Mrs. Rooney's Room.  But really, Eragon was childish narration around dragon stuff?  I didn't see the film or read the book.  Was it a book for young people?

"Was any of that in the movie?"

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No.  No it was not.  The "Eragon" Guide had almost nothing to do with Eragon (which, incidentally, is a bunch of cliched claptrap that makes Twilight look like the greatest and most amazing American novel ever written.)

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