Fashion FAIL

How many more years must pass before this whole notion that guys wearing so-called 'shorts' past their calves is cool?  Alert from everyone who isn't a Paris fashionista: they aren't shorts, they're capri pants.  And what do we call guys who wear capri pants?  Hmmmmm? 


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Stupid looking as they are,

Mal_Content's picture

they're still more attractive than skinny jeans on guys.

I'm more amazed at te whole slacking the pants fashion...

TMundo's picture

Many people wear their pants real low, far below the waistline.  For some it's to appear thugish, for others, to go along with the general fashion trend.  To me it just looks difficult to walk around like that.

I'm down

RidingFool's picture

with the whole "not wearing pants" thing.

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