Oh... kay...

"A Friend You Can EAT!"


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Do. Not. Make. The. Obvious. Joke. 

No Coaster.  Do. not. do. that.

What's the obvious joke?

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What a friend we have in Jesus, eat his flesh and drink his blood!

Well it seems obvious to ME!

Yeah, you'd think Coaster would be more into Jesus

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him being a cannibal and all

Mmm-mm. That's some mighty tasty Jesus!

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I wonder if the quality of the hosts (like the quality of most other manufactured foodstuffs that harken back to my Days O Yore) has also declined?

And can you imaging the hoo-hah that would erupt if there ever was a host recall?  Try explaining THAT in catechism.

"What's the matter, little Seamus?"

"I can't eat Jesus because he made my friend Tommy die, choking on his own vomit!"



Tangy Bar-B-Q flavored Host! mmmmmmm!

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{;-) Dan in Miami

Jesus Crackers

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With all the goodness of Jesus but half the fat!

Soylent Green is Jesus!

Spred some John the Baptist head cheese on that!

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Oh no, I went too far!

I'm guessing now the joke wasn't all that obvious

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Judging from the amount of lame-ass comments.  Cute video, though. 


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"Sorry we ate your great-great-grandpa."

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Chuck Shepherd – Sun Jan 10, 12:00 am ET

"Sorry we ate your great-great-grandpa." ("Hey, no problem!")

Natives of the Erromango section of the Pacific island Vanuatu recently held a formal "conciliation" with the great-great-grandson of the British missionary whom the islanders' ancestors ate when he came ashore in 1839. Charles Milner-Williams' forebear, Rev. John Williams, was regarded as the most famous Christian missionary of the era.

Vanuatan legislator Ralph Regenvanu told BBC News that cannibalism was traditionally a sacred warrior practice for "vanquishing a threat (and) absorbing the power of the enemy." Nonetheless, he said, the island has long felt "guilt," and even a "complex," from killing and eating Rev. Williams. In penitence, Vanuatu symbolically gave the Williams family a 7-year-old girl, who will not be eaten but whose education Milner-Williams promised to underwrite. [BBC News, 12-7-09]

{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  Mmmmm!  Tangy bar-b-q flavored missionary!

PPS:  What wine goes with an Anglican?  Perhaps a dry white Cardonnay?


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