Hey Kids! Wanna See My Tattoos?

Tattoos are something that impulsive young people do in a moment of foolishness.  At least that's what I told my children. I got my first, the comedy mask, at the tender age of 47.  The latest came at age 57. 


Right Arm Comedy Mask 


The "P" and "I" on the mask ribbons stand for Politically Incorrect because my daughter said I was the most politically incorrect person she knew.  This was done before Mahar had his show.  (I do like Mahar but I'm not THAT big of a fan)




Left Arm Atheist Symbol

This is the symbol of the American Atheists.  I got this one because they were out of bumper sticker and besides, bumper stickers cheapen the looks of the whole car. 





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You've got the initials PIA permenantly injected under your flesh, I guess you can't be a Maverick now that you've been branded.


gamerarocks's picture

At least now I know two more I don't want.  ;)

I wouldn't have one, but..

Alone_Again's picture

I wouldn't mind an up close encounter with that one on Angelina's back in those commercials.

Fallout from the Atheist Tattoo

Coaster's picture

The gent who did the fine work on my left arm with the American Atheist symbol is himself a Christian.  He's a hard-working young father who can quote you The Word and who lives by it. 

Last weekend his house burned down and he lost everything. 

If that kind of made you go "hmmmmmmmmmm", that means you're at least an agnostic.

I've seen plenty of gals who

daz's picture

I've seen plenty of gals who had to lift a shirt f pull down part of their pants to show off a tatto. Enough so that I'm afraid to open my eyes when you offer to show off your tattoos ><

You worship the atom?

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Is Atom Ant your messiah?

I would not use the word "worship"

Coaster's picture

But I will say this:  At least atoms exist, Fairy Tale Boy.

Have you ever seen an atom up close?

TMundo's picture

As in just one atom?  Not the billions of atoms that form together to equal objects we see and use on a regular basis.  Just one.  Considering light doesn't exist on the atomic level, it'd be a pretty stunning achievement to see one.

Yes, I'm aware we know of their presence due to some sort of electrical charges.

But have you ever seen one?

What about things that are

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What about things that are smaller than atoms?  What makes up atoms?  And then what makes up subatomic particles?

That brings up an interesting theme of Stephen King's Dark Tower series.  That size itself is the last great frontier.

What if our universe simply composes a mere sub-sub-subatomic particle in someone else's reality.  You pan out far enough, and we just make up the tip of a blade of grass.  Or the other way.   Are our atoms made up of other universes?

The atom is a myth! All matter is made up of Whos

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The universe would breaking up if they stopped holding hands and singing. Our universe exists on a booger in Einstein's nose!

Wow, I just blew my mind!

Do atoms exist?

FearlessFreep's picture

I've never seen an atom, but I know that A-bombs are real.

I've never seen God, but I know that al-Qaeda is real :(


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

I was joking around, I'm quite sure atoms and God exist...

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...that being said, I don't know where all this earth being 6,000 years old comes from, nor does it matter very much in the scheme of things.

As for atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons, and quarks, I'm still a little confused about how scientists know, say, the distance from the nucleus to the electrons.  But hey, that's not my area.

It goes back to some crazy Irish monk

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He calculated that the earth was created in 4004 BC, and even gave the time of year (October, I think), and the time of day.


The artist formerly known as Zorro.


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Test Post for Critico. Yeah, new blog entries are included.

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And it was nice to visit this thread again 'cause occasionally I forget how this place seems to attract morons with anger issues.

By the way, Critico, sorry about your recent referendum.

its ok

Critico's picture

The opposition is growing, and Chavez got less votes.

THE NEW YORK TIMES is as hypocritical as ever

FearlessFreep's picture

leftiest article ever

Critico's picture

It haven't been proved that the Molotov Cocktails belonged to the students, they haven't use any on their protests, i love it when he says that the students drink scotch, not because you oppose Chavez means that you are rich asshole.

Of course he is against Uribe.

Nice tatoot :D Owner of

Kredyt bez bik's picture

Nice tatoot :D
Owner of Konto internetowe site.

Coaster also has nipples on his elbows like Popeye

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This is the symbol of the

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This is the symbol of the American Atheists. I got this one because they were out of bumper sticker and besides, bumper stickers cheapen the looks of the whole car.


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