How did Ricky Gervais Do Hosting the Golden Globes?

Who's Ricky Gervais?
58% (18 votes)
26% (8 votes)
16% (5 votes)
Total votes: 31

I had to vote. I just can't help myself.

RidingFool's picture

So there.

I voted last year. I'm not voting again this year.

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So there.

Holy crap

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This poll is over a year old!!!  Who's running this place?  Are we on total auto-pilot??


Coaster's picture

How are yur? 


It's been quite obvious for some time that the site owners don't think this place is worth their time.  I'm surprised Mr. Cranky or anybody else bothers to post reviews here at all. 

Maybe people are still coming for the reviews

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They're just not bothering with the forums

Welcome to Zombie Crankyland

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The dead website that doesn't know it's dead yet. People hardly post here anymore except for that nancy pants idiot Rajah.

Yes, but

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did you vote?

Oh, look! The poll is relevant again.

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Who could have known?

I think this site's done.

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 Honestly, I don't know why they freaking bother anymore. The site gote redesigned, it's harder to navigate, they packed it with forums instead of letting people say what they wanted on the film threads.

I don't know, I just can't get over how much fun it was when I first started here in 1997, back in my California beach-boy years (when it was still a good place to live.) When Jason and Hans sold this place, I dreaded it because I knew it wouldn't be the same anymore. I haven't been here in years.

Of course, there's also the fact that you DO outgrow sites like this, and that's what I think's happened to this place. It's really sad, but the adult world tends to say "Quit screwing around on the computer, get in your car and go to your job!"

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