I aten't dead.

(Oi, that's a terrible, tasteless joke.)

It just strikes me as totally weird that something that was such a huge part of my college days has just... not been a priority anymore. Hell, I still have the link to my extinct Geocities site in my "about" page. I've done some writing and even did a few commissioned illustrations.

Anyway, the thing that moved me to post for the first time in almost a year and a half was this bit of totally awesome news from an old friend (well, for some): http://chud.com/articles/articles/23360/1/JEREMY-SLATER-TAKES-OFF-WITH-D...

There isn't much information beyond a really basic plot setup, but this is still unspeakably radical.


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Hi Nessie! Glad to see you here.

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Don't worry, most of the other regulars from yesterday rarely show up, either, myself included. 

And although I never met Slater, I'm glad to hear he's doing well.  He was always a good critic of what sucked about mainstream movies; hopefully he'll apply what he learned to make an above-average thriller.



Slater came to a Crankycon

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He was hands down the funniest Crankylander I have ever met, I and was fortunate enough to meet around thirty of youz. 

I'd been occasionally glancing at Slater's blogs.  I had thought his "Pet" had been filmed, but IMDB does reference a "Pet" for 2011 with no details as it's still in development.  If you do look up Jerem Slater on IMDB, you'll find the news which Madness mentions as well as several Jermey Slater related discussions which I haven't gotten around to reading yet.

I'm curious as to what's going on in Madness's real life.  I'd talk about my own life a bit if I had one.  But if you're interested, I'm following up last summer's 5000 mile seventeen state East Coast bike ride with a 5000 mile West Coast bike ride. 

I now mostly post on the Craigslist Atheist Forum as Lord Elpus, but I love movies as much as ever. 

I am indeed fortunate to have formed friendships with a few Crankylanders that have now lasted years. 

I'll always remember Slater

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I'll always remember Slater and his love of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


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The only Crankylander I've ever met was Coaster, who truly lives up to his handle, and who is a truly nice guy to boot.  I'm hoping to make it south of the border one of these years to see Critico, and I'm Facebook friends with a few others as well (oops, maybe I shouldn't have said that), though most of them seldom post on Mr. Cranky anymore.

Live goes on, people change, and some websites lose their novelty, but that said, I still hope to keep checking into Mr. Cranky, even if nowhere near as frequently as I once did.


I enjoy meating Coaster

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I think it's been four times. The last one we went to the Georgia Aquarium. Coaster is a nice dude but you haveta watch him like a hawk. The minute my back was turned he's in there swimming with the belugas. They were unusally horny that day......


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You want caviar these days, you go to the source. 

Though I will admit that all I got from squeezing the whales were some knarley bruises.  Some friend.  You tell me afterward that beluga caviar comes from a sturgeon. 


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Lots of us loved Buffy teh Slayer of teh Vampyre!!! 

TMundo is still here!

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Whatsup Madness, the hardcore regulars are still here, the back in the days regulars don't believe this is the same place or they come by and are supprised by the new layout.  We need to form a group of core movie reviewers that can write reviews on a regular basis.  All attempts at this have been futile.  If you or anyone else wants to collaborate you can reach me at my spam address askdocmu@hotmail.com

It is good reviews that keep this place thriving with new posters.  The hard-core members might as well start running the place since tyhey love it here so much.  Coaster gort himself a job spaminating, we're all just so busy with our lives, it's hard to take time out to see a movie, write a review, and collaborate with others about it, but I surmise we could switch off on a film by film basis.  Rotation, one film per reviewer, every one to two weeks or so. 


A Crankyland with no Mucus is no Crankyland at all

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This place was already on the wane when I joined it six years ago. So many have left never to return. Some show up now and then and see so and so isn't here so they don't stick around.They see the inactivity of the place where most remaining only post a couple of times a week, Then there's the case of the pathetic Rajah who posts more often just so there would be something new to look at.

The reviews are what keep people comming in, that and the networ

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networking, like when Mr. Cranky wrote that rant about coffee.  We need weekly reviews like that to keep new people comming in.  We need the site open to all posters without the need for passwords, and we then need to have the hardcore members who are always here, to have spam blasting access.  It's just difficult to get it together since we all live so far apart and probably have such different schedules.

Yay! Madness!!!

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Hope you come back to see this.  Hope you're doing well!  Me... well, it's been better than a sharp stick to the eye.  But only because that's *physical* pain.



Slater was a dick. He's like

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Slater was a dick. He's like one of those popular people in high school who always seems to be an asshole and has very little talent to boot, yet everyone still loves him.

What, you mean "PET" isn't being made?

You telling me there's not a high demand for a Dominic Monaghan 



There were a lot of people like Slater at this website, though. Popularity=inexplicable.


The cockpit.. what is it?


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Hi Drew!

Whether the people who used to frequent this place were good people or dicks, I miss them all.  Yup, even a guy I was friends with for ten years, thanks to this place, who's last post here called me an asshole. 

In real life, I've got few friends.  And if you knew me, you'd know I'm fine with that.  It says much, to me at least, that two of the friends I do have IRL, I met here. 

I hope all is well with you and yours. 

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