I found this interesting piece

It won't happen regardless, but the thought process here is rather intriguing.



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I didn't realize...

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a president could be impeached after his term ended.  If he pardons himself, then is he unimpeachable?

From what I gathered

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that's kind of it in a nutshell.

Fortunately for Bush

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He left such a mess for Congress to clean up they probably feel they don't have time to mess with impeachment. It would look better if WE were the ones to try him but I guess it'll be up to the international community this time. My personal preference of punishment would be death by shoe fire.

That's basically what his father did

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When he pardoned Casper Weinberger (along with other Iran-Contra wrongdoers), he guaranteed that CW's trial wouldn't lead to the indictment of him or Ronald Reagan.


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