I'm back, I guess

 i sorta forgot to stop by

I'm here though


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Good deal!

Coaster's picture

You just "stop by"? 

I think I'm stuck here.


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 its not such a great deal because I'm on other, faster-moving sites that suck up most of my time. this place moves so slowly that I never hang around long enough to get super invested in posting a lot since I'm part of a forum with over 100,000 members


 Formerly Known as MasterKlives


I guess I could join the Democratic Underground

Rajah's picture

But I'd be just lost in the crowd

I came for the movies

Coaster's picture

And stayed for the people, conversation, and free pizza. 

I'm still waiting on that pizza.

I came for the free beer, but

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when I showed up at Coaster's place, he told me he didn't drink. Thankfully, I brought my own flask, and while Coaster was puking up hot dogs at some county fair, I was downing shots with a carny barker.

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