I'm a horrible, horrible person.

I had to buy replacement windows for the third floor yesterday. I went to the local, mega-home-improvement store to price them. 

One of the windows is a fairly standard, small-window size, 24 x 36. But the other will be a bit more challenging.

So I pulled a 24 x 36 vinyl replacement window off the shelf and sought out a sales person to get prices for special orders.

I found a pimply-faced young man in the door section, approached him, explained that I was in the market for custom-order vinyl replacement windows, and said: "But I've got an odd-sized opening to fill."

Without pausing for an instant, without taking a breath, and definitely without stopping to think, the next words out of my mouth were: "That's what she said!"

I now leave myself open for the verbal flogging I so richly deserve.

Best regards, Wally


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Nope, sorry. You're far from horrible.

Coaster's picture

You posted this on a site where 23 people admit that they punch orphans!  I'm afraid you'll need to raise the "horrible" bar quite a few notches to impress the likes of us.

Not horrible, Wallee.

Mal_Content's picture

Definitely troubled, possibly whipped, but not horrible.

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