It's All Fixed

And I don't mean that in a Karl Hungus cable-repairman kind of way.  I mean it's an Eight Men Out, Watergate, Jai Alai kind of fixed.  As in- it is IN.

To wit: America is rigged.  None of it is on the level.  If we have learned anything from the last 3 months or so, it is this- people with influence get what they want ALL of the time.  There will never, ever be an instance when billion-dollar industries headed up by malfeasants won't get their way over ma and pa sixpack without bloodshed.  Mortgage crisis? Must be due to all them deadbeats who had the gall to reach for the nonexistent American Dream that's been peddled to them with every TV commercial,  movie, and useless product that's been shoved down their collective throat in the name of economic growth since the dawn of print media.  Couldn't possibly be due to the hateful kind of profiteering that went on behind the scenes by people who we've been told for so long "know better".  Nope. Even that prick Greenspan had the fucking tits of Athena to stand up and say that the "subdivide the mutant securities to the subatomic level" idea was a fine one. It wasn't that the securities were completely ineffable, even to the buyers and sellers, you see.  It's just that the brokers "got greedy".  Yeah, and Obama just "got black." 

There is actually a ballot issue to be voted on here in Colorado this election that is being fought against fiercely by the oil industry. It's intent? To roll back the millions of dollars in tax subsidies the state's been doling out to that industry for years.  Seems like a no-brainer, yea?  Nay.  To hear the oil companies talk about it, we'd be forcing the breeding of extra children for families to toss in the furnace for warmth in January if they lost.  My question is: how is this even up for debate?  It's like calling congressional hearings on whether or not the "Get the People of Houston Some More Saturated Fat" initiative has run its course.  But alas there is no debate, there is only political brawling at the expense of the collective intellect and pocketbook of mortal Americans who must stand idly by or choose between tickets which pit an untested ideologue and a car salesman against Yoda and a sadomasochistic preacher's wet dream.

And in New York City, a mayor who has served his term limit which was TWICE affirmed by ballot initiative, is bucking for a third term so that he can watch over poor, poor New Yorkers in "this time of crisis" that he and his business bretheren helped to foster.  As if he were the only human in the greater Tri-State area who knew which end of a calculator to shove up their ass.   As if he wasn't intimately involved in getting the richest team in Major League Baseball a possibly illegal sweetheart deal on some land in the bronx, which was really only used by..uh...the local community and high school over the last hundred years for recreation. This, so that the mighty Yankees could have their trophy stadium built right next door to the one they'd been making billions in for time immemorial.  I am sure none of that sort of thing has come into play in his decision, that Bloomy wasn't put up to it by some "interested parties". No way.

Anyhow, in the end I know it to be a hard fact that American Business and politics is rigged. It may seem cliche, but it absolute fact.  This uber-American class was complicit in getting an adequate excuse to go to war 5,000 miles away for nothing by killing its own. It is complicit in creating a panic where only a market correction (albeit a huge one) should have existed.  It is complicit in lying, day-in and day-out, to you, me and anyone else it cannot bribe outright or kill surreptitiously.  It is complicit in using hate and fear to rationalize for us that which they would have to do blatantly, in full view, and in their true colors: yellow.

I don't know what to do about any of it, so I'll just start to act locally.  Time to buy local, think clearly, talk rationally, drink heavily and never, ever, ever believe another fucking word I hear from anyone who wants something from me.  I pity my children.


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damned repeats...

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..damned repeatin' repeaters. repeatin 'n shit all the repeatin' time.


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NYC term limits

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If they got rid of them, that would also mean Adolf Bullyani could run for mayor again. (Think he wouldn't?)


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

NYC term limits

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If they got rid of them, that would also mean Adolf Bullyani could run for mayor again. (Think he wouldn't?)


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

Here in america, they hide the rigging better...

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...not that it's excusable, it's not.  In Brazil however, they are pretty up front about blatantly taking money from the people.  For example:

About6 a decade ago, one of the their presidents emptied one of the federal savings treasuries, and then flew the country.  Imagine if our president simply stole money from a government savings account, it would be the end all be all of government scandals.  So anyway, where did this X-president go?  He went to Miami!  Miami? MIAMI!!!! Who leaves their country with a ton of money and goes to america to hide!  And of all places in america to go, Miami!  After some time they caught him living it up, having bought an entire hotel floor.  He went back to Brazil, went to jail for a year, got out, and last I heard he was mayor of some town in Brazil.

W-Wha? Mayor?



-Other stuff that happens includes new taxes that you'll get back at the end of the year and never do.

-Politicians discovered having stolen money in Swiss bank accounts.

-Discovery of politicians getting checks written for them out of the government bank accounts.  Including ridiculous telivised arguments with allof them pointing the fingers at each other.

You see over there it's all televised.  The press has gotten to the point where they are able to investigate and find this stuff out.  It's just that there doesn't seem to be any legal recourse to go after any of these corrupt politicans.

Here in america, for the most part, the no-good dealings are well hidden.  Until the recent administration, it hasn't been as blatant.  I just wonder, I guess it's not any better that it's hidden, but now it seems to be comming to light.


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You want to loosen the grip of the power of money over elections?  Here's how:

1. Get rid of ballot measures altogether.  They appeal to the worst kind of mobocracy and try to get the people to do the legislators' dirty work through campaign commercials.

2. Expand the House of Representatives so that you can run in a district without massive $ again.  There's no good reason for it to be restricted to 435 members.  Even China has around 5,000 members, and they're commies.

3. Eliminate direct election of US Senators--let state legislators elect them again to represent their states.  Senate campaigns currently are bought and paid for.  Let state legislatures shove unfunded mandates up their Senator's orifices.

4. Eliminate direct election of the US President and the failed Electoral College experiment and have the House or the mass of state legislatures choose the President.  Save billions of dollars in campaign bribes for TV commercials.

Originally, the Framers wanted no more than 20,000 citizens represented by each House member.  Today each rep has nearly 700,000 constituents on average.  There should be more representatives held to a greater standard of accountability in order to break the American political class.  If they can be allowed to dilute the dollar by 94% since 1913, we should be able to dilute their power by adding representation.

I love those ideas,

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I love those ideas, especially giving the selection of Senators back to the state governments.

The House should definately be expanded.  A rep should represent no more than a small town's worth of people.  Keep it as close to "local" government as possible.  While local governments still have problems and are dishonest, you at least know where the idiots live.  And they know it.

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