It's good to be back

After the original went down i was a disheartened. In a sense, I felt I had lost my outlet in which I could unleash my frustration with hollywood continual war against my intelligence. At seeing the new site, along with it's new look and feel, I felt a new light grow within me that whispered in my ear, "Let the beatings continue."

Why is it that over the years Hollywood has pursued an everlasting quest to deminish our collective intelligence with media not even fit to watch but built to sell? Well, the answer to that is very simple. They, in Hollywood, do not pander to our yearning for entertainment but to our wallets; ending in feelings of violation such as felt when you get pick-pocketed and sodomized at the same time on an epic scale. 

And they, Hollywood, would still have the nerve to tempt us yet again into the tortune chamber, i mean, theatre by dangling a new goad over our heads in the form something that we might cherish such movie-tized version of our favorite comic books or fantasy novels. (Batman, LOTR's, etc.)

As soon as they have your money there is no need to actually create a product of worth. Take for instance "Iron Man." Here, we see the first installment of this coming series of films. It was cool, full of action, heck, even the dialogue was bearable. What will come of the next movie? Probably, nothing to sit through ever again. Why? Because Hollywood already got you to see the first and in "promising" a series of "equivilent" films they've assured the fact that your ass will be in one those theatre seats.

Anyway, before i get carried off on a tangent I might not return from, I would just like to say: "It feels great to be back!"


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Welcome Back! Glad you

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Welcome Back!

Glad you deemed it destiny to return.

I couldn't agree more...

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...Hollywood had been churning out garbage and even more recently has been capitalizing on name recognition.  Books, television series, comics, even cartoons like garfield, which albeit was technically a comic but still managed to become a feature film, twice.  Nothing is off limits, and you can't expect any of these knock offs to live up to standards or do justice to the original source.

I'm curious

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How did you get such a unique handle?


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

it's a classic...(to me at least)

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my handle is short for "the central scrutinizer" a wonderful reference to Joe's Garage by Frank Zappa.

Had it for years and years

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