It's September, oh joy

Yeah yeah yeah, here I am on the redheads account.  Why?  Cause lucky me!  My account has been 'unblocked' and now anything I attempt to post goes to 'THE LAND OF QUEUE', which means I'm still blocked, and someone just needs to hear from me.

Living here in Nevada, I get the full force of the latest Harry Reid saga.  Now being a republican I'm not a big fan of Harry's, but then I don't think I would be a big fan if I was a Democrat either.  In this day and age you have to be able to get a message out and Harry couldn't find a way to sell cheap porn to high school boys if it was legal to do so.  So who is Harry running against?  Sharron Angle.  Now let me start by saying if the GOP in Nevada had found even a remotely sane candidate to run against Mr Reid he'd be losing by 30 and it wouldn't be a race.  Everytime Sharron opens her mouth inanity spews.  Medicare and Social Security should be eliminated?  Why?  Cause they violate the 10 Commandments?  Is this the part she's interpreting that the government wants to be god so therefore it's worshipping a false god?  The woman is a loon, and if Harry does get reelected in a state that has a whoooooole lot of people who hate him its because the GOP ran a dumber uglier version of Palin against him.  But since the Nevada GOP has good ol' John Ensign as its guiding light it's not surprising.

72-0.  What?  72-0.  Ducks 72, Lobos 0.  Now I know New Mexico isn't very good, but they ARE a D1 school. (or FBS or whatever they reclassify it as this week)  They aren't THAT bad, and these are my Ducks so I know they can't be THAT good.  Either way, a chance to to go an SEC school and win, say, 34-21, will be nice.  Will it earn my Ducks any more respect?  'You beat Tennessee and Tennessee isn't very good, why don't you schedule Alabama?'  Well, Tennessee WAS good when they were scheduled, and Alabama wasn't as good as Tennessee.  Don't blame the Ducks cause the Vols fired Fulmer or Fulmer lost his touch.  The reason Portland State is on the schedule this year?  Another FBS school cancelled on the Ducks and they scrambled to find someone to play, and the best they found was PSU.  It does make for some fun in state, and hey, ask Ole Miss, Kansas or Michigan about those FCS schools and upsets.  (sorry but I have to take ONE shot at Jeremiah.  HAHAHAHA bitchass!)

Cinematic Titanic pissed me right the fuck off.  The bearers of the MST torch scheduled 2 nights and 4 shows in Anaheim.  Ok fine, that's a 4 hour drive, so I got myself and the redhead front row center tickets and I was psyched to go.  2 and a half weeks before the date, I get an email from Ticketmoron saying I'd be getting a refund since the shows were cancelled.  The CT website?  No notice, no acknowledgment, no nothing.  Just a removal of the dates.  Then later in the day after a few forum posts one of them comes up with the LAMEASS excuse that 'ticket sales are notoriously slow in LA and we were asked to cancel'.  BULLSHIT.  If you knew that going in genius maybe schedule one night?  Or even just one show?  Front row center to not a fucking thing, thanks guys.  My impression of the lot of you just dropped.

How about those Vuvuzelas?  Yeah the World Cup was entertaining, mostly due to Argentina crashing and burning (HAHAHAHAHA you terrorist idolizing FUCKS), England Italy and France doing their best to give workshops on how not to play.  (especially the French, sorry but that implosion was hysterical)  The redhead is happy her team and boy on the team won.  Me I just wanted to watch some good games, and I got to see more than a few. 

Finally saw a film in the theater this summer, The Expendibles.  It missed somehow, just didn't have it.  Arnie looked as though the corn cob up his ass was resistant to painkillers now.  Sly never was a track star, but some of those scenes needed some VERY creative editing to get him from point A to point B.  Hollywoods fascination with quick cut editing during any kind of action sequence has gotten real real old.  So many people doing so many things from so many angles it was hard to follow.  After the Craig Bond films it almost, ALMOST made the Cloverfield filming seem credible. (but it's not, and whoever that guy is screaming HUD every 4 seconds still needs to die, actor or not).  Hollywood hasn't come up with a good original ending for 15 years, isn't it about time?

I'm still waiting for a legitimate reason to be stated why a mosque in New York shouldn't be built.  Cause it's on Twin Towers ground?  No.  Cause it's too close to Twin Towers ground?  How close is too close?  Cause Islam is the religion of the devil/of evil/etc?  Who's the judge of that?  Pat Robertson?  You?  Me?  If I recall the documents the Founding Fathers wrote, if freedom of religion doesn't apply to all religions, the document is meaningless.  To me, part of the American way is leading by example and showing the world our intolerance doesn't help our international relations shall we say.

By the way, does anyone else think Castro calling out Iran and Ahmadinejad is just a tad strange?  How about Castro saying the Cuban model doesn't work anymore?  Is he trying to become the Gaddafi of the '10s?  Biz-R.

Since I started on politics, I'll end with them.  Americans are blissfully ignorant when it comes to politics.  Sound bytes rules.  News, what the hell is that?  There is no news on TV, let alone radio.  (yes that includes NPR, take your elite attitude and belief in your superiority and shove them and the Nostromo up your over inflated ass)  The net?  Puleeeeeeze.  When was the last time you looked at the voting records of any official?  What did they vote for, against, and what was on the bills in question that affected why they voted they way they did?  Don't answer, cause you don't know and you don't care either.  Just keep listening to how despicable each candidate is on their opponents ads and vote for the lesser of two evils in your mind.  Or simply wait until November and do the American thing; figure it's not worth the hassle and don't bother to vote.  No one can blame you for anything then and you still get to point your finger and scream like an 8 month old at feeding time about why your taxes aren't what you think they should be and why money is spent on things you don't want it spent on and why Communism Socialism Facism conservatives/progressives Media et al are to blame for the worlds problems.  You're an American, so of course you're right.  You and your 93 IQ can look down your nose at anyone who disagrees with anything you think or say and flutter your mind back to the days when trickle down economics worked.  Well worked for you.  Well for someone you know.  Well for someone someone else knows.  Or knew.  Or heard of.

p.s.  gamera fucking ROCKS


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You're the only republican I can agree with...

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...but you don't really sound republican, I can understand a want for small government and so on, but the repubs aren't about that anymore.  What really gets me is that When Bush bailed out wall street, nobody cared, when Obama did more of a comprehensive bailout, everyone was up in arms.  When Bush spent trillions to rebuild another country in the middle east, nobody had a problem with it, when Obama spent time trying to help people pay their medical bills, everyone was up in arms.  I actually heard a guy say that the tea party was gonna get in there, and they were gonna run the democratic party so far out that they'll never be back again.  He said it with such hatred and anger, but was so easy for him to say that Bush was a great president.  Imagine that, after a budget surplus was turned into a defecit, he thought Bush was a great president.

I don't get this country, they love to spend money on needless wars, and still have that GI Joe mentality, that bombing everyone 'over there' is the answer to all of the world's problems.  That all Muslims are like Bin Laden, that a bailout is socialistic and communistic as long as its done by a democrat.  That 2 years is enough to fix an economy that was trashed previously for 8 years.

War? What war? Is there still a war going on? How come we don't hear about it anymore?  It's still going on in both countries and nobody knows anything, all I hear about is election this, socialism that.  The media stinks, they're in the pocket of special interest groups and you only hear what they want you to hear.  You gotta do your own research now.

I'm discusted with this system of government, its very facist.  Banks and Lobby groups are in good with the government, isn't that what facism is?  Congress can make a decision to go to war in a heartbeat, but must overdiscuss healthcare before doing anything. That's right, did you here what I said?  It is easier for congress to go to war than it is for them to agree on healthcare.

This country is getting to me. I know it's better than most places, but it can be mucgh better than it is right now.

TMundo for President!

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Well said, my friend. 

BTW, I have no idea who the original poster was.  Who is the redhead???   But for being a Republican, his/her email was surprisingly lucid and balanced.  :)



That was Gamerarocks using his girlfriend's account.

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I was so glad when Angle and O' Donnell lost

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That's two nuts down

But we got sadled with Rand Paul, another nut

Glad Blanche Lincoln lost

Boener is going to be on tv more

It's a triumph for orange people everywhere!

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