Lame List 2008

At some point I figure I'll take the time to do this on a semi-regular basis, but for the time being I'll settle for this typed version of one of my favorite sketch comedy bits.

The Lame List 2008..........or, what's queer this year

Hilary Clinton knowing she'd lock up the democratic nomination:

LAME, dog lame

Sarah Palin as my party's vice presidental nominee:


The Detroit Lions:

That WALLOWS in lameness

Barack Obama attempting to show that bi-partisianship doesn't require that every member of his government has to be a democrat and brigding divides by selecting Reverend Warren to deliver the convocation doesn't mean he's abandoned anything:


Jennifer Aniston is STILL tabloid news

Totally lame, inexcusable




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For you Dave Barry fans

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

He has an amusing year in review column at the Miami Herald web site:

{;-) Dan in Miami

"Tiger Woods, in an epic

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Best lines.

"Tiger Woods, in an epic performance, wins the U.S. Open playing on an injured and very painful knee, thereby proving, beyond all doubt, that golf is not a real sport."

"The games themselves are dominated by swimmer Michael Phelps, who wins eight gold medals, thus putting himself on a sounder financial footing than the U.S. Treasury."

"At one point a teenage girl in Worcester, Mass., attempts to withdraw $25 from an ATM and winds up acquiring Wells Fargo."

"As the crisis worsens, an angry Congress, determined to get some answers, holds hearings and determines that whoever is responsible for this mess, it is definitely not Congress."

"The agreement will be overseen by the federal government, using its legendary ability to keep things on budget."


Dave Barry is a Libertarian

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

And a funny one to boot.

{;-) Dan in Miami


He was one of the early

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He was one of the early "celebrity" libertarians I knew of when I began to actual study and learn with an independant mind.  It as a (semi)serious interview he did - forgot which magazine - that helped put me over the edge a bit.

AlthoughI defiantely wouldn't classify myself as a libertarian now, it was a necessary step to take.

Libertarians are annoying

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They're always shooshing people to be quiet

Also lame...

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The stepford-ization of Jay-Anne...she looks almost human.


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MY EYES!  Christ I'd rather you'd have posted a link that actually sprayed mace.  I'm kind of glad i hadn't eaten or my dry heaves would make my keyboard useless, but now I've lost my appetite.  NOT nice.

Here quickly! This will help

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Click on Rajah's Favorite

Nothing like the fair Mrs. Findlay to get the juices flowing and cleanse the mind of nasty Jennifer images.

There's only one worse

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and I'm not about to tell this group who, I'm just glad she no longer finds her way onto the eleventy-nine magazines at the check-out stand.

Gotta be...

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...Ashlee Simpson.  Who the...what in the SHIT made her famous? Aside from her sister, that is.


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but fortunately Ashlee has 2 things going for her; she's not/hasn't been plastered for years on magazines at the supermarket, and she doesn't look like an elephant seal that had its face turned inside out.


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For about 20 minutes there, Ashlie was fucking everywhere...and for no discernible reason whatsoever.  It was like the bailout- flood the markets and hope it all doesn't run into the gutters.


gamerarocks's picture

Nyah, I can live with the Oprah, she's not trying to be 30 things to 30 people.  (although she is trying to be one thing to everyone)  She doesn't grate on my nerves to much extent.

(please stop guessing, you're bound to get it right one time, and then, AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!  it's too awful to contemplate.)

Deborah Messing? Paris Hilton? Kate Hudson? Kathrine Heigle?

TMundo_to_lazy_to_log_in's picture

Katie Homes?

Still no

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