Mendocino sheep

Dear God, what have we become?

A swarm of retarded and drunk Bay Area (people)

have proceeded to drunkenly stumble into their SUVs

and careen happlessly up 101 to 128

there in god forsaken in-bred white trash eco-hell

they gassed up,slapped the yuppie larvea,refiiled the (road cup)

and headed out 128 to visit my neck of the woods YAY!!!

now dont get me wrong< I know tourism is thew life blood of

this wrecked shockinly igorant place but GODAMNIT!!!!

This my lovely county is not your urinal

no, you cant (just see the inside)

of my ranch house

your kids fucking  suck

your wife is a cunt

kill yourself

oh spend all your money first

do not repeat NOT buy a (summer home) HERE

We hate u You can buy a house here


AHHHH i feel less homacidal allready WHEW


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my spelin errers

meanbean's picture

pardon my spelling

i was pissed off so bad

i hurt my keyboard typing

but for fucks sake

leave Mendo alone


Someone should put that to music

FearlessFreep's picture

Maybe even a rap!


Mendo, I feel your pain...

TMundonio's picture

I live in an area that's populated by tourists for about 3 months out of the year.

Really rich folks with Lotus sports cars and stretch Hum-Vs and Navigators.

Thing is, I've seen both worlds, I used to visit this place in the tourist season, until my parents decided to move here permanantly.

Then I knew what it was like to have my backyard populated by cars I've never seen. But the strange thing was that before I became a permanent resident, I didn't think anyone actually lived here. If they did, they must be ridiculous folk.

Well, I was half right. The people that grew up here and left to explore other areas of the world, only top come back and visit from time to time, they're normal.

The people who were born here, who's parent's were born here, who have never left here (nor do they know a world exists outside the borders of the town) and have streets named after them, and always play the local radio station in their car, yeah, they're the 'locals'. I could never be one, and I don't want to be one.

Both sides have their pros and cons, it is what it is. But yeah, respect the area you live in even if you're only visiting. And learn to respect the visitors if you survive on their business.

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