Mr. Cranky 2.0 Launch

Welcome to the new Mr. Cranky site. Everything has been revamped and we hope you like the improvements. You better like the new improvements

We've gone from a static html site to a more dynamic and flexible Drupal. This has allowed us to pump out a lot of features in a short amount of time.

-Vote up reviews you like. This directly effects the list of popular reviews.
-Vote on comments of other users. This rewards users who contribute comments that others feel enhance the site, and punishes those who get too many negative votes.
-User blogs. Because we knew that 217 blogging sites just weren't enough for you.
-New centralized forums.
-Soon there will be weekly updates with new reviews. Once again, no movie will be safe.
-More robust polling system.

Coming Soon:

-User Leaderboards based on comments counts, positive votes, and overall activity.
-A contest to commemorate this new launch. You'll be able to win cool prizes (aka, whatever I find in my garage and basement).


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Just wanted to say

dlew919's picture

 Welcome back Cranky. Best reviewer on the Web.

The Newly "Improved" site

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I was somewhat traumatized earlier this summer when I learned that the Mr. Cranky site was going away and am ecstatic that it has returned, bigger and better than ever.

Except then, I thought about why I felt that way.  After all, the Mr. Cranky reviews do tend to fixate on the negative and aren't very uplifting.  Often, the views expressed, especially by the guest reviewers, isn't generally very original or insightful.  The rants can get tiring and the smarmy superior attitude displayed can be annoying.

But I guess this is like art - I might not know what good art is, but I know what I like.  Keep up the good work.  I am strangely excited to see the site back up.

I guess we have to talk about the movies now???

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Site is kinda cool but it kind of spreads the crankizens out too much.

Before, everyone was pretty much hanging out on the same page. Often a review and movie comments would ignite a long rant from everyone and was easy to find.

Oh well, we'll learn to live with it I guess. Maybe name the "everything else" forum, "Crankizen's Random Blabbing"

Everbody pretty much hates change, except for a new administration, hold the election already!!!

Glad you figured out a way to keep going Crankster!!!!!



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