My latest reading: TEACHER MAN

I'm reading Frank McCourt's memoir of being a high-school teacher in New York City, starting in the '50s. It's a great read, as good as his ANGELA'S ASHES.

"Remember, if this is your world, you're one of them. A teenager.  You live in two worlds.  You're with them, day in, day out, and you'll never know, Mac, what that does to your mind.  Teenager forever.  June will come and it's bye-bye, teacher, nice knowing you, my sister's gonna be in your class in September.  But there's something else, Mac.  In any classroom, something is happening.  They keep you on your toes. They keep you fresh.  You'll never grow old, but the danger is you might have the mind of an adolescent forever.  That's a real problem, Mac.  You get used to talking to those kids on their level.  Then when you go to a bar for a beer you forget how to talk to your friends and they look at you.  They look at you like you just arrived from another planet and they're right. Day after day in the classroom means you're in another world, Mac."

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That's an interesting perspective...

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...I never thought of it that way, although I never felt teachers were relating to me, it doesn't mean they weren't trying to. 

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