Nadya Suleman Should be in Jail

This is such old news that I probably shouldn't even bother, but what the hell. It's slow. By now, most of you are familiar with the insane woman, Nadya Suleman, who just had octoplets to add to her already overflowing house of six kids. Nadya has no job, lives with her parents, and collects disability payments. Apparently, she's also had a lot of plastic surgery in hopes of looking like Angelina Jolie.

Anybody who has 14 kids is either insane or Catholic or both. That being said, I bet most Catholics would describe other Catholics with 14 kids as insane. It doesn't matter. I haven't read this anywhere else, so I guess it's for me to say: this woman should be in jail. They should take all of her kids away and put them in foster care. I can't imagine foster care would be any worse, but given how much money has been wasted covering this story, somebody could certainly spend the money to see that they were adopted and put in good homes.

What this woman has done is a form of child abuse. It's hard enough being employed and raising one kid successfully. How does one raise 14 in a one-parent home with no job? Answer: it can't be done. Having that many kids is a crime against humanity.

Sure, it would be cruel to punish this woman given what she's already done to herself, but since it's clear that effectively caring for her kids couldn't possibly be on her "to do" list, jail or a psychiatric ward seems like a better place for her.

The only question left is: who steps in? If the state is given that kind of broad authority to interfere in family size, who decides what the right number is? Seems to me that in this case, where this woman knowingly took a risk where the big loser would be the taxpayer, then the taxpayer's representative, the state, has the right to step in and protect itself.

Nadya Suleman should be in jail.


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I try not to judge insane people

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It's been reported that she wrote some letters to Angelina Jolie, and that the latter was creeped out.

No doubt it takes a lot to creep HER out!


I don't know about jail for her

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But that doctor who put all those embryos in her should lose his license. And where the heck did she get the money for the implant operations and the plastic surgery? There's a whole lot of enabling going on here. I agree, the kindest thing for those babies would be adoption.

Woman are meant to breed.

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Woman are meant to breed. She's fufilling her biological destiny. What's the big damn deal? People are taking this shit waaaay too personally.

On insane asylums

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Funny farms have been way underfunded by the government since the 1960s, turning thousands of crazies onto the streets, where they wind up in jail or do other weird stuff.  This has been a horribly failed public policy experiment.

By any reasonable standard of insanity this woman should be locked up or forced to sterilize as a condition of getting state support.  And yes the children need a better home.

I saw the babies on tv. Their eyes were open already!

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I thought with a litter that size it was a few weeks before their eyes open.

Spay her.

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Then stitch her shut.




~No, my young padawan; this one is mine.~


It is really a "crime

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It is really a "crime against humanity" for anymore kids in this horrible overpopulated world from anyone for the next 50 years.

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