Nathan's Famous

hot dogs are now available at Safeway. Hot dog! Like most kids, I was a fan of hot dogs at, say, 10. Somewhere in my teens I lost the craving for them completely. Ball Park, Oscar Meyer, Butterball, Armour, they all became bland and salty. My palate had matured and they simply didn't taste good anymore. C'est la vie, life moves on.

After I moved to NYC, I went to my first Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island. Nathan's Famous sponsors the annual competition, and provides the dogs. Growing up on the west coast, I had only heard of the chain and their dogs in connection to the contest, and had never eaten one. On the 4th of July, I had my chance. I waited in the long line and got my first taste of a hot dog in probably ten years. And... it was delicious.

Smoky, spicy, a little salty and a lot yummy. This was what hot dogs were supposed to taste like! Since then I was hooked. I stopped by Nathan's whenever I was out at Coney Island. I stopped by the Nathan's Famous shops in the city. I even expanded out to Gray's Papaya and variants, like Papaya King and Papaya Dog. NYC is truly a foodie's dream.

Once I moved from the city, Nathan's Famous hot dogs became part of the fondly remembered past, like delicious street schwarma and 24 hour delivery from the corner deli. I figured it was a treat only to be enjoyed on the occasional return trip to NYC... until I saw that green & yellow package on the shelf at Safeway last week. What was this? Nathan's has gone national? Heaven! They even sell them 8 to a package, just like the buns! Could it get any better?

So tonight I'm enjoying a nice summer meal of Nathan's Famous hot dogs. Thrown in the toaster oven on broil for 5-10 minutes and covered in spicy mustard, with a cool beer from the fridge, I'm transported back to those lazy New York summer days at the beach.

Bring on the good ol' days.


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Consider yourself fortunate that Nathan's

RidingFool's picture

are not manufactured by Maple Leaf, otherwise you'd be SOL on the franks, and quite possibly have drawn the listeria card.

One of the Costco dogs used to be kosher, and very good too, but I'm not certain if they've continued with that.

Never tried one, but heard they're great...

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...Í feel the smae way about hot dogs. Bland and salty. I'd rather a hambureger doctored up with onions n such, or maybe just a marinated steak.


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I friggin' LOVE deli dogs. You can tell a truly great dog by how well it tastes boiled. Ntahan's are fabulous, but they don't give you that nice, crispy shell when you broil/BBQ 'em.

SO... it's into to the vat with ye, Nate!

This was so well written

Critico's picture

have you considered a career in writing?


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I've thought about it from time to time, but I'm not that good of a writer... it's a crowded field and the pay sucks. I sold out to The Man a long time ago and am quite happy now with all the disposable income. Money may not buy happiness, but it sure helps!

Besides, you know what they say... if you have to do it, it's work. I want to keep writing fun!

I've never had a Nathan's Hot Dog.

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I made it to Coney Island once, but my time was limited and there was only time to do one thing: ride the Cyclone. Yeah baby.

As for hot dogs, it's Chicago-style all the way.


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