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40 years ago today, Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin, and Neil Armstrong, left the Earth on an historic adventure.  The hopes, dreams, and prayers of countless millions around the world went with them as they lifted off from Florida.  4 days later, the Eagle lander separated from the Columbia module with Aldrin and Armstrong aboard.  After piloting the lander beyond the boulder strewn target, Armstrong annouced to Mission Control and the world, "Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed."  On July 21st, 1969, Neil Armstrong stepped out from the Eagle lander onto the surface of the moon.  The same moon we, and every man woman and child ever to look into the skies has seen since long before recorded history, has seen, wondered, and dreamed about.  The words he spoke at that moment were of his own choosing, beyond appropriate, and inordinately uplifting.  He himself wasn't there, we all were, as a species.  Man had achieved something words fail to adequately encompass.  When you look into the sky and see the moon today, it's taken for granted what was accomplished with what by todays standards was hopelessly inadequate for the job. The people who contributed to the granduer that was, and is, Apollo 11; everything that led to it and beyond, should be proud of their acheivements.  We, as humanity, should never let their memory fade. 

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See the movie CAPRICORN ONE.


Will the ant people inside the Moon let us return?

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All those theories about it being fake are a bunch of hooey. One thing that happened for sure each mission was that a Saturn V rocket was launched. There were millions of eyewitnesses to those events. What could they have been used for other than going to the Moon? Is there a super secret project out in space that we don't know about?

They got to you, too, Rajah?!?!? Oh, NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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Convenient that they show up right around the anniversary. And weird that this anniversary is being played up by next to no one. I hope we get an interview with Neil Armstrong out of the deal at least.

A good explanation for why they would have faked it is to perpetuate the war machine. Lots of good ways to kill people have come out of the space/rocket program.

I would like to see a private, bipartisan (Apollogists and Those That Know the REAL Truth) effort to shoot something through the Van Allen belts and back which would measure the radiation exposure and it's effect on cameras and what have you. Would put to rest the primary obstacle as the Hoax folk see it.  And why are we 10-15 years away from being able to return when we were 8 years away in 1961?

Anyhow, I hope the next (or FIRST) group to go to the moon is sent off with a note to remember to bring back some cheese. Seems only right.



I think you guys are kidding me with this conspiracy stuff

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Would Walter Cronkite lie?


What do you think is in all those buried messages?

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Thanks, Moon.

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Without you, we'd never have had Moon-landing conspiracy nuts.



~No, my young padawan; this one is mine.~


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