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I tried to make it an in-blog picture.

scarlet_ohara's picture

Guess it didn't work

Xur- or other folks who can-

do you mind explaining how it's done?

Looks like you've got it sussed now!

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But for next time... just use the image tag:


We'll be starting up new

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We'll be starting up new caption contests very soon.  And yes, it will mostly be based on user voting.  And the winner will get bonus karma. Mmmm...karma.

Hey, jazz

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First off- If I haven't said it yet, thanks for the hard work. Place looks great. 

Secondly- will/could there be a way to navigate from one post to the next and previous post in a thread without having to return to the thread itself? It's not too big a deal, I guess, but once the threads get elongated it can be tiresome to catch up and, in the case of the Cap Contest, run through and vote.  I realize that one could leave the thread expanded, but that is aesthetically displeasing to my finely tuned senses... That is all.

Wow! If you hadn't have shown me, I'd have never believed they

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make an electric nose hair trimmer for a honker the size of yours.

 ==Coaster (Whooooeeee!) 



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"You sunk my battleship!"

Best regards, Wally

You want me to put it where?

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Well, OK, but that doesn't make it gay.

Two women entered, one man leaves.

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Once he caught a glimspe of what Future-Vin would be like...

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...the PCP-fueled 3-way was on.

That's right

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It's a crack pipe you smoke with your ass.

Vin realizes he's completely misjudged the...

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...type of Axe effect his buddy meant.

The Chemicals of Riddick

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It will take a while for me to get used to this new site. I took forever to get started. I had to re-log in. Lost all my previous info. 4 sentences; that is the extent of my bitching.

OK, here's a vile of Gary Busy's tears. Now let my daughters go.

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Wanted to use Christopher Walken but it wouldn't fit it the subject line. Could you imagine how difficult it would be to ascertain a vile of Christopher Walken's tears?

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