New Features on Mr. Cranky

We introduced a few new features to  We don't really give a damn whether you like them or not, but here you go anyway.

First, we added Google Custom Search to the site, because the regular site search sucked almost as bad as Battlefield Earth.  The new search will give you better results, and give them to you faster.  It also adds suggestions to your query and lets you do partial searches.

Second, we've added the leaderboards page.  Here you can view top caption contests, movies, and who the top Crankizens are.  We'll just call the latter the wall of shame.  And if you don't like the order the movies are in, you haven't wasted enough time on this site to influence it with your votes, so you only have yourself to thank.

Your Cranky Score raises based upon comments and blogs you post, votes you have cast on reviews and other people's comments, votes you yourself have received, and the number of comments your posts have attracted.

Third, you can now quote other posts/comments in your own comments.  Just hit the "quote" button instead of the "reply" button.  If you use the quote feature, however, a subject for your comment is required so you don't inadvertenly break the whole site.

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