Obama running out the clock?

Is it just me or is Obama at a point in this election where he's basically just running out the clock? Keeping it positive, simple, playing not to lose, sticking to the ground game.

McCain meanwhile? Desperate hail mary pass after hail mary pass. That whole "running with terrorists" things is just pathetic.


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Before the economic crisis,

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Before the economic crisis, I would have said the exact opposite.

But now I agree with you.  We'll find out soon enough.

Take a knee!

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Right after Palin was chosen, not the next day when the feeding frenzy took off, but for, like, an hour after the name was announced I was sort of under the impression McCain just wanted to be done with it.  That he wanted to lose, and wanted to know immediately that he would lose, just so he could stop stressing about it.  It's been years, and the poor fucker's practically dead!

I'm still not convinced I was wrong.  I mean, who on that campaign thought that would really work?  And how can I thank them enough for thinking it?

Cruise control is an easy place to fuck up, though.  Maybe he should just not talk.

Given the number of qualified women

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that he could have picked from, why in heaven's name did he pick that one? Will someone please write a tell-all book and include the reason why!

I actually don't want to buy or read the book, I want someone to come up with a reasonable excuse for why a doddering*, drooling*, incompetent, war-mongering, assasin-inspiring excuse for a leader in America would have such an inspiration, and then tell us all about it on Fox News.

* I'm sorry that I included the words doddering and drooling in the same sentence as incompetent and war-mongering, but it couldn't be helped.

I feel the same way...

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...even in the debate, Obama said nothing new, he jut said the same stuff he's been saying, and honestly, if that's not good enough, I don't know what will save america.

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