Okay, here you go.

Looks like I may be leaving (losing?) my job and traveling around the world for an as-yet undetermined amount of time.  The only thing for certain is that my journey will begin in Egypt.




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Are you taking several thousand slaves with you?

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Hope you have some good, sturdy walking shoes. The walk through the desert is a killer, from what I've read.

And whatever you do, don't hit the rock more than once! You could be stuck wandering in the desert with that crew for forty years and then never get to see the Land of Milk and Honey.

Watch out for golden calves, too. And that bastard Edward G. Robinson.

Best regards, Wally

HS, could you, would you

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touch up the exterior of the pyramids while you're there? I - and I'm sure others - would really like to see them in all their glory.

A Couple of Things to Consider

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     1. Would you consider blogging your travels here? I think that would be cool as hell and I'm sure I'd not be the only one reading, commenting, and envying your experience.

     B. Remember, as you plan your trip, reserve September 19, 2009, for Jackson, New Jersey. I believe that will be the Next Great Crankycon where I and some other insane people will be riding the worlds tallest, fastest, straigntdown-for-four-hundred-eighteen-feetist thrill ride on the planet at Six Flags Great Adventure. I'll post more about this starting tomorrow in the Meatup forum.

Sorry to hear about the job, but the rest of your life sounds terrific.

  ==Coaster (Whooooeeee!) 


Oh shure, you plan a Meatup extravganza

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and I can't even find someone to hire me for floor-washing or dish-burning.

Wow, HS.

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That's really neat, at least it is if you hate your job.  If you like your job, then accept my condolences.  I have no idea what you do for a living, but I assume your traveling isn't work-related.  Maybe this would be a good time to persue a career which involves travel...


Thanks for the kind words

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Thanks for the kind words everyone, and although I have very mixed feelings about my job, I managed to salvage it.  I *am* still going to Egypt for 11 days, but that's it for now.  Oh, and later this year I'll be in the French-speaking part of Canadia, wearing a thick jacket because it'll be cold by then.

As for the more extended trip, well travel is one of my biggest passions in live (in fact, it has surpassed movies), but that big trip'll just have to wait a little while longer, assuming I don't accidentally knock up my girlfriend in the meantime....

I do a promise a brief trip report upon my return from the land of the pharoahs.


If you knock up your girlfriend

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it won't be an accident, no matter which of you participates.

I suppose you mean putting aside reasoning for sexual pleasure?

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Which is no accident, unless the condom breaks, but that's always a risk.  Kids are fun btw.  There is some adjusting but they're overal a positive experience.


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I think kids are great.  I have a 5-year-old niece and she's wonderful.  That said, having a kid forces a new parent to make some major life changes, and I like my change in small doses over a very long period of time (that's prolly why I'm still at the same dead-end job after almost 8 years).  As someone who enjoys movies (at the cinema, not at home), long hikes, and travel, parenthood is prolly something I should put on the back burner.  Sure, as a father I can still see movies, but many of them will be G-rated.  Sure, I can still hike, but they'll be short 2-mile loop trails with minimal elevation gain, lest Junior become bored.  Sure, I can still travel, but should I really be schlepping around, say, Uzbekistan with Junior in tow?

Anyway...sorry for the sidebar.  I'm really not that worried.  :)


Crumb-grabbing pantleg-shakers should be avoided

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at all cost!

That is all.

Kids aren't all that much trouble

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Three child rearing tips from someone who has been through it.  Twice.

      1. Forget baby sitters.  They are a waste of money.  Just chain 'em to the sink when you leave.

      2. Forget those expensive little jars of Baby Food.  Children are easier to feed than one might think.  Every few weeks, just lay in on a big honkin' bag of Purina Children Chow.  Serving them that in a big bowl on the floor twice a day saves a lot of clean up time, too. 

      3. Forget diapers.  Once a week, place your child in a contractor's garbage bag and fasten the top of the bag securly around your childs neck with a piece of duct tape.  You have effectively created a 7-day diaper.  Once a week, just set him on the back lawn, undo the bag, and hose the kid off. 

Kids get older and they forget about all this stuff, so it's easy to get away with it as long as the nosy neighbors don't see you with your kid in a giant smelly plastic bag, eating off the floor, or chained to that sink.  Though I do wonder sometimes if my time-saving child rearing techniques had anything to do with my daughter moving out of the house at age 16.  And the fact that my son, now 27, still eats most of his meals our of a bowl on the kitchen floor. 

That's nothing!

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When I visited Coaster, he made ME eat out of a bowl on the floor, and I'm not even related.

To be fair, I was able to watch Fox News - but only the good parts.


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Geez, man.  You didn't even appreciate that in your honor, we even set out the good bowl.


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You can accidentally knock someone down.  You can't accidentally knock someone up.

Good luck with with everything, btw.  Say "hi" to Hatshepsut for me.

Checking in from Germany

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My fight from Cairo back to Germany, and later continuing on back to the US, landed in Deutschland and I am biding my time in one of the lounges, elite traveler that I am.

Egypt is...a mixed bag.  The sites are truly incredible, the greatest I have ever seen...but the scams, the hawkers, and the pleas for tips, aka baksheesh, are nothing short of annoying.  Oh, and Cairo International Airport is a scary, scary place.  This coming from a guy who has been to Mexico City 5 times and to Syria, Guatemala, and other, um, INTERESTING countries.  Egypt IS safe, though...just dont be surprised to be constantly harrassed for a guide, for a tip, for a carriage ride, for a taxi, or TEKS, etc.

I do want to go back and see much more of Egypt, so I guess you can consider that as praise...but I wont plan my return trip for a long time.  Fuck.

BTW, the food is delicious and I never got the trots...FWIW.


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