Oklahoma: It's OK (as far as we know)

The state that keeps on giving never fails to please! The Oklahoma State Legislature apparently wants to revisit the Scopes trial a little short of its 100-year anniversary:


Best regards, Wally


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How do you argue with "I ain't related to no goddam monkey"?

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Well, I usually respond with, "I realize that saying that is quite an insult to monkeys, but they're just going to have to suck it up and accept it."

The first meeting of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Tulsa Chapter, is this Saturday.  If any of you are interested, you may write me at

mrcoaster [at] cox [dot] net 

Well, I actually do know how Wally would respond

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"You're using a double negative.  A monkey wouldn't do that."

According to Doctor Zaius

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The human species is a dead end

I believe the christian beef is with that and that only...

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...the statement that man evolved from a separate lifeform. Not with dogs and birds evolving through natural selection. So, what does one consider to be a separate lifeform?  I feel that Adam and Eve were couple of oogah boogas, you know, neanderthals.  I don't believe, however, that they had tails. There is also evidence to support that early man and oogah boogas were around at the same time. So what in the heck does that suggest?  I don't know, and more importantly, I do not care.

Coaster, most christian churches find religion a dirty word...

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...being religious is a set of daily rituals one goes through because they think it is what they're supposed to do, however, it doesn't necesarily mean they have a personal relationship with God.

One can get so caught up in ritual indoctrination that they completely forget about the goodness of God altogether.

Freedom from religion is quite the concept in christianity.


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The Freedom From Religion Foundation does include some people of faith. 

Another orgainization, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, includes a lot of people of faith.  In fact, AU is headed by Barry Lynn, an ordained minister in the Church of Christ. 

There are no people of faith in that organization...

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...and calling Barry Lynn a minister is like calling David Duke a PhD historian--nominally true, in practice not so much. 

Of course there are people of faith in AU

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What you've basically saying is that that there are no people of faith who believe in the separation of church and state.  That is patently false.  As an active member of several local atheist and humanist groups, I'd say that most AU members I've met were people of faith which makes perfect sense.  These are people united in their desire practice their religion freely and to not have the religious right's brand of Christianity shoved down their throats. 

Comparing the Rev. Barry Lynn, to David Duke is like comparing apples to gall stones. I'm sure many so-called Christians on the far right consider Lynn neither Christian nor Amercian.  That's just sad.   Only a warped mind would consider those dedicated to preserving Constitutional guarantees as unAmerican. 

By the way, your use of Duke is bringing this discussion into convergence with Godwin's Law. 

AU and Barry Lynn

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My comparison to David Duke was that much like Duke's honorary PhD, Lynn hasn't been a minister since 1980 and even before he was essentially an attorney lobbying in Washington for UCC, ironically.  He never did any activity one could call being a "minister".  Ergo calling himself a "reverend" is a huge joke.  Since then his whole career has been about launching legal, PR, and IRS attacks upon churches not politically aligned with UCC.

Few have a problem with the 1st Amendment establishment prohibition; organizations like UA twist this into the idea that religious expression and speech can be suppressed by the government on behalf of those whose eyes or ears would be offended by said speech under a supposed doctrine of "freedom from religion".  Using one part of the 1st Amendment to suppress another part is repulsive to me.

The only "people of faith" you meet at UA are either liars, cowards, or Unitarians (redundant I know).

I support neither Christian fundamentalists nor atheists who want to manipulate the government into supressing each other and everyone else along with them.  They both want to use government force to force people to believe (or not).

Hey Coaster, see if you can find this in your Creat musuem visit

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more on the ararat anomaly

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and some more

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If you ask me what I think (and you haven't)...

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The Quickbird Satellite photo shows the Ararat Anomoly to be nothing more than a natural rock formation. 

Satellite Image of Ararat Anomaly

Whether you believe it or not. . .

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Try this:


A really fascinating example of scientific detective work.

Best regards, Wally

I had heard of this theory: It sounds plausible

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Are there any ongoing efforts by archeologists to search for evidence of ancient civilizations where the shores of the fresh water lake once existed?  These undertakings, of course, would be extremely difficult considering that the Black Sea is over 1000 feet deep. 

It could also explain the Atlantis legend

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Mr. Coaster, there are no atheists in foxholes

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God sends down his golden shower on everyone

Au Contraire

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Religious discrimination in the military and overt proselytizing in our military academies reached a zenith during the Bush years.  Hopefully, that went out the window with most of the other Bushit. 

Here's an article that lays waste to the old lie, "There are no atheists in foxholes."

Click Here or God will get you.

Mr.Coaster, you sound like one those Godless communist!

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I should have wiped out those bastards when I had the chance! Then I had that car accident and this is all there's left of me. Some captured German scientists said "we can rebuild him, we have the technology!" The most they could save was the penis so here I am a disembodied penis doomed to search eternity for a decent host. Yeah, I am a penis that can dance and talk and you say there is no God?

Would you date this woman?

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They are presently trying to map the Neanderthal genome. A complete strain of DNA hasn't been found yet but they did find the gene responsible for speech. It's found in our genes and Neanderthals which leads some to believe there may have been crossbreeding between the species.

Common genes result from common ancestors

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Unless this speech gene was determined to have originated further along in time. 

As for whether or not I would date that woman:  Have you never had too many beers?  

Our common ancestors

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Almost all the people alive today are directly descended from almost all the people who had children 1200 years ago or more.


Bob Ballard did a expedition to the Black Sea

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To find that very thing

With Mitochondria DNA

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They've traced everyone on earth back to a woman who lived in Africa 200,000 years ago

She sold apples the the cavemen for a bushel a clam

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