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I have to confess, however, that I didn't read the article. I was too distracted by the blonde in the animated banner at the top of the page.


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The State hunting instructor threw the Obama supporter out

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I read about this the day after it happened.  Fellow that was tossed happened to be a Marine combat veteran and was there with his son to facilitate his son getting an Oklahoma hunting license.  The head of the Oklahoma Wildlife bureau called the tossed liberal and personally apologized.  Since there were no other classes scheduled for that area for quite a few months, he made an appointment to come down personally and give the man's son the required instruction himself.  He also called the instructor, a volunteer, and told him that his services would no longer be needed by the Oklahoma Wildlife Bureau.

That ignoramus was disrespectful on so many levels, it's hard to fathom, even in this haven of redness. 

No need for hunting when you can get one of these

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for only $ 2.16:

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