people who need bullets 2 d a head

1.Ms cute barista, Perky does not mean SCREAMING  ang giggling while i get my coffee

askwhere im from   HERE every day for 8 years you see me MORON take off the ipod retard

2. Dude with huge truck +goatee you look like a parolee fuckstick

chicks dont dig "the outdoor look"unless you actually work outdoors

playing GTA 4 is NOT an outdoor job SHOOT YOURSELF NOW for the species sake

3. Dude who just moved here, Ahemm... You are never coming to the "cool party"

we dont even have one moron no "poker nite" we dont like strangers get it?

Live here 20 years like me and still be a newbie like me I deal with it you can to

hold still so i can kill you



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Hee, hee

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Who gave ex-man caffeine?

I believe that's mendo...

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...but I could be wrong abou...



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I thought he died from excessive masturbation to pictures of flat-chested girls.

~No, my young padawan; this one is mine.~


Not the Mendo from Crankyland Past

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Mendo lives in Point Arena. Check it out on the map.  It's rather a long piece and two mountain ranges away from Whine Country, and not the sort of place you would expect to see many tourists. 

The tourists don't know what they're missing. 

I'd like to offer my welcome to the new Mendo Maniac.

Someone should write a history of Crankyland

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the stuff of legends

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