Presidential Debate: 10.07.08

I've thought for the longest time that Barack Obama wasn't a good choice for the Democrats. Basically, we're at a time where any Democrat should be able to win, yet the Dems select somebody who's likely to be pretty polarizing mostly because he's different.

However, based on last night's debate, it appears that the Republicans are the ones who've goofed this time. Sure, a Republican victory in November given the financial crisis would seem all but impossible since it's usually the party holding the White House that gets blamed for these sorts of things, but McCain is just the wrong guy for them.

McCain appeared the grumpy grandpa in Tuesday's debate. He was gruff, upset, and horribly out-of-touch. His presentation was absolutely awful. Obama was calm and spoke in a slow, emphatic tone that got his points across. He was easy to understand. McCain made jokes that were painfully unfunny. It's not that they were politically unfunny, it's that they were out-of-touch unfunny, as if the guy hadn't heard a joke in about twenty years. Clearly, McCain is a guy who's still watching and laughing at old "Andy Griffith" re-runs. His sensibilities are way, way off.

All this has nothing to do with politics, it has to do with presentation. One guy seems hopefully and the other guy seems mad and spiteful. The hopeful guy won the debate easily.


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Isn't that what a federal

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Isn't that what a federal election is about anyway?  Who goofs up the least?

Well I listened to it all...

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     Obama seemed to re-hash the same stuf, but at this point, what's left for him to say?  It's pretty simple:

-He repeated that McCain has supported Bush 90% of the time.  Now listen: Bush is at a 35% approval rating.  Why vote for McCain if he's supported Bush?

-He re-iterated the fact that he won't raise taxes on the middle class and will for the rich because they can handle it.  He included himself in this rich bracket.  He's said this a number of times.

-He talked about the need to go into Afganistan and Pakistan, and how in neglecting to focus on those two countries we've lost Bin Laden.

What more can the man say?

     McCain on the other hand, seemed to be focusing on his bipartisanship efforts, and so-called reaching across the isle.  To me this is McCain trying to distance himself from his own party.  Lots of people are upset with the republican party, being that they are the party that Bush belongs to.  Why then does McCain see fit to point out that Obama hasn't reached out to the republican party?  At this point, it's a good objective to stay as far away from the republican party as possible.

McCain did look pretty old walking around out there, and Obama was cool and collected. 

McCain brought up earmarks and bills filled with goodies and treats.

McCain brought up buying the bad mortgages.

McCain brought up Fannie or Freddie Mac making campagin contributions to Obama.  Obama didn't touch that accusation.  All of this is interesting but it doesn't change the fact that until recently, McCain has been mostly supporting Bush's decisions.  Real recent.

I also notice that McCain seems to copy Obamas strategies.  Obama's campaign was the first to use change as a campaign slogan.  Now McCain is using it.  Obama was the first one to bring up Afganistan and Pakistan, now McCain is trying to state the same.

To me the debates really don't bring much to the table.  As I've already made up my mind that I'm voting for Obama.  But both candidates recommended checking out their records, and I think that's a good thing to do.

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