Rain Rain Go Away

So, Hanna's wrath is upon the DC area and I almost feel like I'm back in Seattle... almost. The same grey, overcast sky. The same moderate rain pissing down nonstop. The old, familiar sound of little water droplets splashing against the windows over and over again. It's nice to have a change from the constant heat and blue skies (I'd never make it in CA). It's almost comforting, except... it's 80 fucking degrees out there and so humid it could choke a cow (and that's pretty freakin' humid).

It's like the worst of both worlds... DC swampbreath air and Seattle depressing atmosphere. I still have to wear practically nothing when going outdoors because it's so damn hot, but now I have to carry an umbrella around too. WTF!

This place sucks. Bring on the autumn, please.


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That will teach you to disparage pants, poopy or otherwise.

RidingFool's picture

Fortunately for me and my July walking tour of the highlights of D.C., it was cooler and the humidity was down, versus my visit of two years ago when it was so humid, even the backs of my hands were moist.

I wasn't even aware the backs of one's hands *could* sweat.

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The absolute worst, most uncomfortable hot weather I have ever experienced was during the Fourth of July last year. I was visiting my cousin in Indiana and I swear to you, it was so damn humid I might as well have been swimming.

Not sure if this applies to D.C. but wait until January/February...

Who said the backs of my hands were sweating?

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I said "moist".

So there.

Well, in this weather...

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even my hair sweats.

It's that hot...

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