The "S" Word

Ever since the election of George W. Bush, the Republican election machine has been the envy of Democrats, who have scratched their heads as the strategy of attacking your opponents strengths and blaming them for problems you actually caused worked to perfection.

The perfect example of this was the Swiftboat attack on John Kerry. Some smart person, perhaps it was Karl Rove, realized that one of Kerry's biggest assets was his service record and one of George W. Bush's weakest was his. So, how does one destroy a perceived strength? Easy, you make it a weakness. Suddenly, Kerry, the war hero was perceived as Kerry, the war profiteer. It was gutter politics at its most beautiful.

Finally, this strategy seems to have stopped working, but it's not as if the Republicans aren't still trying. Tune into any conservative talk show and you're bound to here some right-wing nut job caller spew the party line, a line that seems to have gone out in an email to pretty much everyone. That line goes something like this: "Barack Obama is going to turn the USA into a socialist nation."

It's a line of attack worthy of high comedy and if polls are any indication, it appears that the American voter is finally laughing at the Republicans, not with them. Really, if there's a right-winger out there that believes Obama will be responsible for any socialist tendencies in our country, take a good look in the mirror. Who's the biggest socialist in our country right now? Who's the person most responsible for shifting this country left, toward government-run business? That's right, you hypocritical, free-market dipshits. It's George W. Bush.

George W. Bush is the poster child for socialism. After eight years of deregulationist bullshit that allowed Enron, banks, and other businesses to rape the American financial system, none other than George W. Bush has stepped forward to use taxpayer money to fund a bailout of those same businesses, essentially giving government an ownership stake in the banking system. If that isn't the closest we've been to economic socialism in the last 70 years, I don't know what is. And who's responsible for that? You guessed it: the very people who are scared that Obama is going to turn the country socialist. That, right there, is some serious stupidity. Obama will actually be moving us back to the right.

Again, if the polls are any indication, regular people are no longer buying this crap.


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There's more to socialism than slight gov't regulation...

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...full blown socialism is a lot different than what we've got, or would have under Obama.

Defining Bush

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I think of Bush more as a fascist kleptocrat, consolidating power and wealth into private oligarch hands.  That's necessary but not sufficient for socialism.  Bush's only populist appeal in the bailout was that the people should give the bankers money so that they can afford to let the people get even more indebted to the bankers.  

Socialism goes one step further and puts crushing tax burdens on productive people to prevent them from joining the private oligarchs, while promising all kinds of public services and works until the government defaults.  That's where Obama comes in.

I must have missed the part

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where Marx used the words "crushing tax burdens".

You're thinking of Karl

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I'm pretty sure he was referring to Groucho.

The leader of the socialist party in america was just on Colbert

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He basically said that Obama isn't a socialist.  He explained what he wanted to do as a socialist, (and he is running for president.)  He then explained what Obama wanted to do and said that it wasn't socialism.

Am I wrong in saying that Clinton basically did the same thing with the economy Obama hopes to do?  Because things didn't seem really socialist back then.

You guys are starting to look more and more like Canadians

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all the time.

Now if you'd just learn to speak our language...

Can't quite...

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...get the hang of the ubiquitous superfluous "u".

~I'm going to Hell and I just don't care.~



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With Communism there's nothing to tax since the state owns everything.  You borrow your toothbrush from the state; unfortunately you have to stand in line for three hours to be issued one.

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