Should i get started?

Am i the onlyt one tired of the political discussions in Crankyland? yes there are elections in the USA this year, so, its the same old parties, with the same type of candidates, nothing new. No real change will be made, if you keep voting for the lesser of two evils.


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Yes, I agree.

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The political conversations are fun to read when they're kept at the level of intellectual and respectful, but for the past- oh, say three years, they've been a little out of hand on some ends.

I know a lot of people feel passionately about their party, but when the means of arguing becomes swearing at/insulting the other person who disagrees with you, a certain element is lost.

Hopefully, on this new site we can talk more about movies and less about "F*** Y** @##*&#$"


Three years?

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I think you're about 5 years off...

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