So, I guess I will proceed to Talk about Stuff on this here Blaaaargh.

Well, is anyone else bummed out about the end of The Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas? The one thing I really wanted to see there and never got to. <:/


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It's gone?

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Wow, that sucks. It was a pretty awesome ride. I wonder what they are going to replace it with?

Can't say I'm too bummed as I've been through it twice, but it was deservedly popular.

Awwww, darn.

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My wife and I don't gamble, nor do we drink. Yes, I'm that boring in real life, too. We go to Vegas for the shows and attractions, and, of course, to visit Junk Yard Dog.

One of the best afternoons we've had was to visit "Star Trek - The Borg Adventure" at the Hilton. In addition to the two simulated rides, both of which were a blast, there was a Star Trek shop, Quark's Cafe, and a Star Trek themed slot machine area. After using a borrowed winch, chains, and a set of grappling hooks to remove my wife from the gift shop, we dined at Quark's. It made us laugh when our chopped salads arrived in a triangular plate with the salad parts segregated in geometric forms within that triangle. Salad of The Future! (Take THAT, Dippin' Dots!) There was even a Borg wandering around the restaurant. He was most helpful in showing me how to take pictures in low light with my new camera. It must be nice to be able to instantly access the Hive Mind for that kind of knowledge.

Au Revior.

We can only hope Mama Mia is still in Vegas.

Yeah, we're kidding about Mama Mia. Well, at least one of us is...

==Coaster (Whooooeeee!) 


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