Somebody Save Me From Nadya Suleman

Yes, more on Octomom...

So I'm surfing morning television today and, I'm not kidding you, every channel is doing a story on this insane woman and how she's buying some big house she shouldn't be able to afford.

Who fucking cares?

I tried switching channels. Oh look, there's another channel doing the same story. Are there people out there who really care about this shit? Are there people out there who believe anything other than this woman should BE IN JAIL?

What does this say about our society? I'll tell you, we are the biggest country of dysfunctional enablers in the world. If you're dysfunctional beyond belief, your chances of becoming famous rise. If you're completely dysfunctional, your chances of becoming rich rise. How can any self-respecting television station run a story on this woman and give her precisely what she's always wanted?

As television viewers, we ought to be writing these stations en masse and telling them we are boycotting them because they're running stories on this woman. Somebody has to stand up and try to stop this insanity. Is television news now solely the place for idiots? It's like every station is running it's own version of The National Enquirer. Literally, there's no real news there - AT ALL.

I say fuck Octomom (although that appears to be seriously dangerous) and fuck all the stations that are running stories on her. The sane people of this world need to take it back, declare shit shit, and start defining what is and what is not culturally relevant.


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The corporate media is trying to distract you Mr. C

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

Check out this video and you will understand why:

{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  Thank you Rajah for bringing this to my attention.

Think of this world as a circus

Rajah's picture

And what's a circus without a sideshow?

A right more powerful than the right to bear arms is the right to bear children and neither one is necessarily practiced by responsible people. Yes, the right thing to do would be to take her children away and have them adopted. There should be a penalty for using your vagina like a clown car but not in this baby crazy world.

Clown Car?

Coaster's picture

Rajah wrote:

...using your vagina like a clown car...

The octuplets were born using a cesarean section.  Does that mean her clown car came equipped with a sun roof? 

What about all this OJ Simpson coverage?

Anonymous's picture

Oh, is that over with? I turned off my tv for a while, was getting tired of it.

C'mon, man.

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The '60s ended when Barack got elected. And the '90s are so over.

Finally I can enjoy all of my 1970s music videos in peace and quiet.

Disco is dead you fool!

Rajah's picture

Octomom just has to be topped that's all.

How about a woman getting a gorilla's embryo inserted?


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Ayn Rand seems more and more prescient these days. 

Preach!  Kwan Su 

MifuneKinski's picture


 Kwan Su 

Like I said before...

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...spay her and stitch her the fuck up.



~No, my young padawan; this one is mine.~


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