TBS is currently Harvey-Rolling New England.

Thus far, I've got three different relatives in three different locations (two here in the suburbs, one up in Maine) asking if they're seeing the same thing I am.  Which is "The Steve Harvey Show".  Instead of m.-f.-ing Game Six.

Seeing as Red Sox fans, the really obsessed, "Stop Having Fun Guys" / "Fan-Dumb" ones, can be f-ing mental, I almost feel bad for the bonehead who decided to do this. 

(Note: I don't even care.  I mean, "Reign of Fire", "D. Wars", "Bender's Big Score", and "Justice League: New Frontier" are also all on tonight.  Party!)

Addendum, for great justice: Literally one second after I posted this, the "we're experiencing technical difficulties, please don't hurt us!" message started scrolling along the bottom.  Ah.

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I never really watch Harvey but I don't really like most sitcoms

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A lot of comedians come up with their own sitcoms and they really turn out to not be funny.  Not to say that that's the comedian's fault.  I saw the making of the Seinfeld show, and it looked like the network basically took the script and re-wrote it with generic sitcom stuff.  Jerry Seinfeld protested this and they let him do it his and Larry David's way.  Jerry then went on to say that the network never did that again.  My question is, why?  It was one of the most successful shows in sitcom history.  Why not allow other comedians to do the same thing?

Other shows by Comedians --

Grace Under Fire -- Wow, Brett Butler who plays grace, has a dirty mouth and is a decent comedian if I remember.  But the show is about: (to quote imdb) Grace is a recovering alcoholic, now divorced from an abusive marriage, struggling to bring up 2.4 children on her own.  I don't know if the initial intent of the show was to delve into the single mother aspect, or to use Brett's comedy to make the show funny but I just didn't think it was funny.

The George Carlin Show -- Short lived sitcom with all the generic sitcom stuff and little bit of George's input.  Again, George is probably constrained by the censors to not be vulgar, and also, maybe they tried to re-write his stuff too.  How much a successful comedian is allowed to contribute to their own show is important.  Especially if they've got good material.

Margret Chow (All American Girl) -- Actually, I can't remeber if Margret was funny on stage, but the show was more generic sitcom stuff.  Generic sitcom stuff is humorous, but not funny.

My Wife and Kids -- Damon Waynes had some weird and funny characters on In Living Color.  The sitcom is funnier than most sitcoms, but still is confined to the same, well, my wife and kids scenario.  It is witty at times, but not off the wall like some of the stuff Dameon did on ILC.

The Bernie Mac Show -- Again, this show is funnier than most.  Bernie Bounces in and out of character and narates from a comfy chair.  There's also a sports highlight pen that is made use of to make some good notes on what's going on, and Bernie is allowed to have his brand of humor show through more than with other sitcoms.  The show is still about taking care of the wife and the kids, but that's what Bernie's act seemed to be about lately so what can I say.  Bernie will be missed.

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