Tom Arnold kicks ass!

Only Sean Hannity could make Tom Arnold sound like a Rhodes scholar. Go to Bob Cesca's page and then be sure to click on the "Go look" link:


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Tom on Sotomayor: "Is that all you've got?"

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Having seen Tom on the talkers like Leno/Letterman, I was aware that he's far from stupid, though it was a pleasant surprise to see him so thoroughly plugged in to the health care debate and the confirmation hearing. 

I think one reason Hannity was uncharacteristically polite is because Tom is a large, rather animated man who could have easily and literally kicked Hannity's ass (black belt or not) before the crew had a chance to intervene. 

Bravo Tom. 

I doubt he'll be invited back. 


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I saw the show with Tommy on it, he was far from impressive. He just spewed out the usual Lib talking points... I guess if you agree with that stuff then you were impressed.

Perhaps you would care to elaborate about where Tom Arnold

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was factually incorrect. 

It was great seeing Hannity having to be polite knowing his guest would brook none of his ususal disrespectful bullshit and overshouting. 

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