Turtles have lists as well - Part San

Tis the season, so this list is dedicated to the childhood tradition of my annual christmas list of what I want from Santa.  I don't remember any longer how old I was when I discovered that Santa was a fairy tail, or for that matter what triggered that knowledge.  Now, as then, a list for Santa are materialistic things for the most part with a thought or fifteen towards other things.

So here goes, the 2009 Gamera christmas wish-list!

A Congress that works as a lawmaking body and not as a preschool for petulant children.  Additionally, for a functioning Congress to pass a law making it illegal for lawyers to make laws and therefore be inelligible to hold state or federal office due to a horrific conflict of interest.

A 5' Hello Kitty robot that is a fully functioning maid for all household chores (that's probably more for my girlfriend but either way)

A ridealong with Tony Stewart at Indianapolis Speedway

The MST3000 catalog on DVD

The worlds ultimate roller coaster park to be built in Las Vegas

Oscar Goodman to run for governor when he's done being Vegas' mayor

For the Opportunity Rover to reach Endeavour Crater and perform research

A computer and controller that lets me play Day of Defeat on line with as little lag as is electronically possible

A teleporter/transporter

For lack of a better term at the moment, unlimited financial independence

My beloved Ducks to win the Rose Bowl

For Bill Watterson and Gary Larson to both find the urge to create comics again

An end to America's fascination with reality-based television

For the paparazzi to get a picture of Ann Coulter's penis

For the paparazzi to get a picture of Bill O'Reilly's vagina

For MSNBC to stop acting quite so sanctimonious

For my party to cease its belief that fear = control

A new years eve party with Hawkwind performing Live Chronicles

Jim Gibbons' resignation

For Paradox to greate a game based on their system that is similar to Sid Meyer's Civilization in scope

and, as always, the secrets of electro-magnetic propulsion

That's enough for this time Santa, and although I could run the list on for a few weeks I don't want to be greedy.  Thanks Santa!



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Wishful thinking regarding most things, methinks...

HS's picture

...though I KNOW Anne Coulter has a penis.

Good luck re. the "unlimited financial independence."  That's prolly my #1 wish too.  That said, I'll prolly just get Star Trek on DVD, or something.



Financial Independance can be done. Working on my 2'nd million.

Coaster's picture

I done gived up on the first one.

What I want for the New Year

FearlessFreep's picture

To hear nothing more about Sarah Palin.


Good luck with that

Rajah's picture

I hear next year Sarah plans to have eight embryos implanted in her already overworked uterus. She's gotta stay in the limelight somehow!

Sarah Palin 2012 = End of the World

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